You got this!

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on November 08 2016

We all sometimes get overwhelmed with the push and pull of life, making us sometimes feel like it's all too much. Well, guess what? Those are the times you must trust divine timing and trust the process.

This Tuesday's affirmation is about believing you are capable handling all that is on your plate. Funny enough, as soon as you decide that you can handle your load, you realize you mind might have made a mountain our a molehill. You are capable, love. We promise you, you got this. Repeat this as soon as you wake up this week: 

I am capable. I can achieve any and everything I put my mind to. I believe in myself, my abilities and my competencies. I got this.


You are what you say you are!  In honor of Tuesday, we are sending you affirmations to meditate on for the week!  The best way to use affirmations is to get yourself in the habit of repeating them for a set time period.  Of course, we're awesome and sending you a new one each week to work on.  Be sure to let us know how this exercise is going in our Feeding Your Soul, Igniting Your Magic private group.



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