Word Of The Week – Shamanic Healing

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 27 2019

Have you always wondered what is shamanic healing and how shamans heal? Because we sure did! Actually, we have always been curious about how shamanism in general works, and what makes shamans so important even in our scientifically advanced modern era. When you think about a shaman, the first image that comes to mind is a man or woman in a tribe, somewhere far away from technology and our time. But the reality is that even today, there are shamans all around us, and they are often asked for help and healing.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a special practice that shamans perform, and by doing so they heal the spiritual aspects of yourself. In shamanism, it is believed that everything that we experience on a physical level, actually strives from some kind of disbalance in your spiritual world. Although there are many ways for the spiritual aspect of yourself to become imbalanced, one of the most serious ways of spiritual injury an individual can suffer is soul loss.

According to shamans, people who have dealt with trauma in their lives, because of the trauma small pieces of their soul are getting lost in the spirit world, which is why they often feel lost, and are prone to getting attacked by negative energy. Whichever type of shamanic healing you require, the job of a shaman is to deduce which kind of healing you are in need of and then guide you through the spiritual realms to get it.

How Do Shamans Heal?

A shamanic healing process is different for each person, depending on the issue that needs to be resolved. However, almost always a shaman will induce a state in which they will travel to the spirit realm, and depending on the issue they might take you with you or not. Sometimes, with minor issues, shamans simply travel to the spirit world and consult with your spirit guides and then tell you what your issue is and how to heal yourself.

Other times, with more serious issues such as soul loss, you are required to travel along with the shaman to the spirit world to recover the pieces of your soul. In such cases, the shaman is the one that helps you induce a state in which you can access the spirit world, they guide you in the spirit world and they also offer protection from unwanted interferences.

Depending on the shaman, inducing a state in which the spirit realm can be reached can be a quiet and simple process, or a whole ritual with chanting, dances, and the help of different tools such as drums.

There is no one way to reaching that state, and there is no right or wrong way. Each shaman has his own path, and you should follow instructions accordingly and to the point. It’s important to make sure you do everything the shaman asks from you because the spirit world is not a place to be taken lightly. Only a shaman who has the knowledge, through traveling multiple times through it can guide you and protect you, so make sure you listen well!

Please note that no matter how powerful a shaman is, they can only heal you if you are ready to be healed because they are simply the guides to health. In other words, they can show you the path to healing yourself in the spirit realm, but you yourself have to do the healing.

Think of it this way – if you are retrieving a piece of your soul, a shaman or anyone else has no right to touch your soul, because it belongs to you. It is you. And only you can interact with it. Only you can reach out to it, and retrieve it for yourself.

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