Word of the Week – Shakti

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 22 2018

Shakti is a common word that you might hear a lot these days. Many people think that Shakti refers to sexual energy but that is a misunderstanding. Then, what is it?

Shakti is creation. Or rather the creative force of the Universe. Everything that lives or is alive has this energy within since we are all creations of the Universe. 

So when we were telling you that you can create your own damn magic, we weren’t kidding! You can actually do it! And Shakti can help you on your journey inwards. It is a force that helps you fuel your spiritual growth, raise your consciousness and mindfulness. People often think that Shakti is a term for sexual energy because it is believed that women can use this type of energy to either inspire or tempt men. It is true, there are many ways that Shakti can manifest, but in the end it is a creation energy.

We are sure you already have it but there are certain signs that you radiate with the magical energy of Shakti:

  • You feel good in your own skin.

  • You feel as if you are a part of something greater.

  • You feel energetic

  • You can relax easily

  • You always face your stress

  • You are an incredibly brave person

  • You possess a certain clearness of mind


So, engage in life in meaningful ways, enjoy yourself, learn the art of relaxing, relieve that stress, and radiate with Shakti energy.

Remember, nothing is eternal, not even your struggles!



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