Word of the Week - Relationship

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 17 2018

When you check the dictionary for the word relationship the very first meaning that you get is a that a relationship is a state of being connected to something or someone. And as life goes on you probably have a lot of relationships in your life. With your family, friends, colleagues and the one special person in your life. But, how exactly do you make these relationships to thrive? As we spend our lives, we strive to build more and more relationships. Why do we, as human beings spend most of our lives trying to build these relationships?

Well, the answer is pretty simple - relationships are what keeps us going. That feeling of being connected is something like a survival instinct that was in you since the dawn of the human race. And it still works! Relationships are making us stronger, better and helping us evolve. Helping each other through life, you are creating your own magic.

While it is empowering to know that you are an amazing, strong and magical person that is doing great on his/her own, it is also freeing to understand that when you give and share with others, you create more than just your own personal magic. You are creating magic all around you, not just for yourself but rather for the world, that will stay even after you are long gone for the future generations.

So, for those relationships to thrive you have to nurture them and try to understand truly the other pieces of those relationships. Because only like that, those relationships will grow from mere seedlings and into big trees, that will stay and serve as an example for others.

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