Word Of The Week – Dreamcatcher

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 26 2019

Dreamcatchers are everywhere. From your phone case covers to jewelry and actual dreamcatchers, the symbol has caught on everywhere around us. But, beyond their mesmerizing patterns that catch your glances, dreamcatchers are actually much more useful than you might think. Although their initial purpose is to keep bad dreams away, dreamcatchers can actually do much more than that – they can also keep low-frequency vibes away.

How were dreamcatchers created?

As we all know, dreamcatchers come from Native American culture. But, they actually started off traditionally from one tribe, and then through marriage between different tribes, dreamcatchers slowly started to spread through their whole culture. It is said that there was a Spider-Woman that served as a protector of the Ojibwe tribe.

However, when the tribe started to spread out on wider territories, she could no longer protect everyone. That is why she created the first dreamcatcher so that every one of her tribe can have a powerful talisman that can ward off evil spirits.

From then on, dreamcatchers have spread through the whole Native American History, and now they are spreading through the whole world, regardless of nation or religion. There is something soothing in watching the patterns of dreamcatchers that simply draws us to them.

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