Word Of The Week – Crystal Grid

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 30 2019

If you have been trying yourself out in crystal healing, you must have noticed that more advanced crystal healers are using crystal grids more often. Ever wondered why they would do such a thing when there are crystals in the crystal world for every purpose? Although each crystal on its own holds its own energy signature that helps you to use it for a specific purpose, crystals can also be grouped to amplify their power, and create a new, unique energy frequency that resonates more closely with a specific intention. That is why crystal grids are created.

What is a crystal grid?

Crystal grids are usually a group of crystals with similar purpose, placed in a specific pattern from sacred geometry. Each crystal from the group affects the other crystals, ultimately mixing the energy frequencies into a single, new, unique energy frequency. This is possible because of the placement of the crystals in the grid, which helps to enhance their frequencies, and to make it easier for each crystal to interact with each other. But why do it?

Working with one crystal can be amazing and help you manifest the wanted results, however, when you work with a crystal grid, you will notice that crystal grids are more effective and bring quicker results. Although it’s hard to find balance in a crystal grid, they are more efficient because you are sending out a more specific and unique energy frequency which will also be stronger because of the sacred geometry.

Which crystals to use when building a crystal grid?

There are three types of pieces that you can use to create a crystal grid: focus point, energy balancers and enhancers.

The Focus Point – the focus point of your crystal grid is usually the most important crystal that you will use. It’s very important to use a larger crystal as a focus point, and a crystal that resonates the most with your specific purpose for creating the crystal grid. This crystal is the base and focus point in your crystal grid. That means that the other crystals will energize it, and supply it with their own energy, ultimately changing its frequency slightly.

Energy Balancers – When you want to make the transition of energy easier, especially if you are working with very different energy frequencies then you need to back up your crystal grid with energy balancers or as you might know them as – natural points. Their job is to make the crystal grid easier to work with, and to balance and harmonize the overall energy frequency of the grid.

Enhancers – These are the crystals that you will use to enhance the energy of the focus point and the overall grid. They can be chosen based on the purpose for the grid or the energy that you wish to harness (like for example moonstone for harnessing the energy of the moon during the new moon).

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