When One Door Closes: Feed Your Soul with Daffnee Cohen

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on March 06 2016

Confident, motivated and talented is 25 year-old Daffnee Cohen, an extremely well rounded woman with a knack for online marketing. Daffnee is the founder and CEO of her own online marketing solutions company, which services a number of firms at home in the US and abroad. Not to mention, Daffnee is also a Zumba instructor, health foodie, dog lover and rescuer, and writer. She is committed to making your week more productive, your online presence sparkle, and your diet in tip-top shape, all while making sure you maintain a sense of self-growth. Daffnee is a seriously impressive entrepreneur who makes everything she does fun and attractive! What feeds Daffnee’s soul? This entrepreneur gets a high off of helping people and unleashing her creativity.  

Are there any consistent activities or rituals you do to maintain a sense of inner peace? Writing, reading (anything) and spending time outside. If I don't have some combination of these things, I feel restless.

When you are in an emotional rut, what are your go to ways to bring yourself out of that feeling? I just stop. I step back from everything and I think about what I have to be grateful for. I assess the seriousness of any of my negative situations and I re-assure myself that I can make it out okay. I always do.

Before beginning a creative process, what type of preparation do you normally undertake? I am a huge planner. I think creativity flows freely for everyone in different ways. I love to write out an outline before I write and I love to keep track of my progress in the books I read (using GoodReads usually).

Describe a time you underwent a particularly stressful situation and what measures you took to move through that process. One of my biggest clients was moving in a new direction and letting the whole team go. He was not only my biggest client, but also my first ever. I felt an incredible amount of stress. As hard as it was, I had to really meditate on the fact that my success was due to not any one particular client, but me. I convinced myself that every door closed allows for a new one to open. Lo and behold, it definitely did. Energy first, then thoughts, and then action.

Do you have any favorite movies that always revive your spirit? YES! The Lion King never fails. Sounds silly, I know. I'm also a sucker for Eat, Pray Love, as it is one of my favorite books ever. Grease makes me feel nostalgic, too.

Is there a particular genre of music that brings you calm? Music is really a part of my soul and who I am. I listen to it constantly. Reggae, Frank Sinatra and anything with a piano and a great voice really bring me to a great place.

What is the most inspiring book you have ever read? Toss up between The Dhammapada and Eat, Pray Love. Both are by my bedside (probably will be forever) and marked with my favorite passages. Highly, highly, highly recommended to anyone.

Are there any particular exercise routines or practices that you use for grounding? If so, describe how you discovered them. I'm a Crossfitter. As intense as the workout is, I never feel better than after a workout. The emotional stages I go through during a workout make me stronger, tougher, happier and more grateful. I encourage everyone to find out what makes him or her feel these ways and never let it go.

Do you meditate? If so, how did you learn and what methods do you use often? Yes! I'm a shower thinker. I absolutely work through my sh** there. I feel so disconnected from anything and everyone. I shower everyday (I promise!)

What’s your favorite motivational YouTube or Netflix video?: I love Blue Planet and any series that demonstrates the vastness of the earth. To me, there is nothing more inspiring than knowing I play a small (but important) role in something so insanely magnificent. It's humbling to see how complex the world is!

Who is the most inspirational person you have ever met, and what did they reveal to you that never left you? Tough question. I've had the honor of meeting so many incredible people. I like to see the good in people and I feel I learn from everyone I meet. Someone really amazing in my life has expressed unconditional love and patience. It never fails to shock me what a beautiful gesture that is.

Be sure to check Daffnee out on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter, and of course on her website at http://www.daffneecohen.com



Written by Katie Girouard.



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