What Your Venus and Mars Sign Says About your Romantic Pursuits

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Posted on July 02 2021

Picture this: you've dated many people but still can't hack love. You wonder what it takes to find the perfect partner. The answer lies in astrology love. Once you understand how your Venus and Mars sign works, you can pursue better relationships.

Even while combing through the best hookup sites, take time for some self-exploration. Zodiac compatibility shares a significant role in finding one. Astrology, love, and relationships go hand in hand.

Venus And Mars In Pisces

As a Pisces, you look at the world through a different lens. You lean more towards poetic views, which dictates your astrology love. Romantic gestures sweep you off your feet and transport you to a whole new world.

Rose petals, walks at the beach at night, candle-lit dinner, movie, and picnics at the park are perfect. You prefer talking about music, art, and other creative crafts. Afterward, you head to the bedroom, and seduction takes reign.

Venus And Mars In Sagittarius

Sagittarius has a limitless astrology love. It means you enjoy exploring and adventures that bring new experiences. However, you can stay single until you find the right one. The relationship must have meaning and a chance to grow for you to participate.

Moreover, astrology love compatibility must have depth and a future. You give it your all when you know the relationship has lots of potential.

Venus And Mars In Taurus

Venus and Mars rule Taurus and feel quite at home here when it comes to astrology love. Being a romantic is natural, whether you want to admit it or not.

With the perfect partner in your line of sight, you play the long game. It's more fulfilling to go through every step of dating. But, soon, you'll want to rein him/her in for some time alone.

Venus And Mars In Gemini

Curiosity drives you forward, and you enjoy open communication. As a Gemini, astrology love involves lots of flirting as you enjoy having multiple admirers.

In terms of a partner, you love individuality. You want a person who has other interests and pursuits outside of the relationship. It's possible to have a long-distance involvement since you enjoy digital courtship.

Venus And Mars In Capricorn

Venus and Mars in Capricorn are all about sensibility and long-term astrology love. You tend to give it your all and want an ongoing involvement. So, the right partner must be in it for the long game.

Typically, you shy away from short flings and take time to get with someone without proper vetting. Scores on the astrology love calculator must be high for you to invest your time.

Venus And Mars In Libra

Harmony and romance are the astrology love language of Libra! Frankly, luck is always on your side when it comes to unions.

Every process of a relationship is full of excitement, but it takes time for you to commit. However, love, at first sight, works for you.

Venus And Mars In Leo

The astrology love language for Leo is all about drama and theatrics! It's easy for you to play different scenes in your mind full of suspense and anticipation. Not to mention, mingling comes easy for you in numerous scenarios.

Honestly, you revel in passion and tend to be carefree. You can enjoy intimate moments and go on some online dates.

Venus And Mars In Virgo

Noble characters who partake in regular service to others speak your astrology love. A pure heart that puts others' needs before themselves is pretty attractive. But, they must be the right ones.

Otherwise, you opt to stay single until the right time. Being independent means you don't need lots of attention and fussing. It's better to share lots of intimate moments doing things you love rather than following social romance norms.

Venus And Mars In Cancer

Though you seem a little hard to crack on the outside, you have a nurturing spirit. Among astrology love predictions for you there is marrying your childhood love.

Still, you grasp that it's essential to put yourself out there. You know the importance of self-preservation.  However, if you want to find one, you must take some risks.

Venus And Mars In Scorpio


Secrets rule your world! Being secretive is part of the thrill, plus lots of seduction. You want a partner to make the first move and let you in. However, it can take some time before you reciprocate.

Venus And Mars In Aries

Passion oozes in Aries. Your assertive astrology love nature means you only expect the best. You won't waste time playing games. Additionally, you lay out the guidelines at the beginning. Someone is either into you or not.

Venus And Mars In Aquarius

Astrology love advice for Aquarius is to throw out the whole rule book. You detest formalities and enjoy living life on the edge. It's why you want a partner who isn't conventional at all.


Summing Up

Venus and Mars astrology love signs are crucial to note when you want to create a lasting bond. When you understand your partner, you can relate better.

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