Incoming Mars in Sagittarius!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on December 31 2019

Are you ready? Mars is entering Sagittarius on the 3rd! Get ready for the fun to continue…

Mars in Sagittarius: January 3- February 16

Starting with January the 3rd, Mars leaves serious, determined Scorpio for the feel-good, adventurous sign of Sagittarius. If Mars was in his domicile sign in Scorpio, he isn’t feeling too bad in Sagittarius either, as the archer matches his strong, enthusiastic fire.

For the following month and a half, our energy levels will be high and we’ll want to burn this fuel through sports (especially outdoor sports), being in nature, exploring, going on small adventures and learning new things. Some of us won’t waste the opportunity to travel abroad during this period. Others will do their best to excel in their studies or spiritual practice, while for others this transit might be about fighting for what they believe in.

Either way, it’s a time when we’re called to alchemize our highest aspirations with our basic instincts, finding a way to satisfy both body and spirit. It’s interesting to see how this will manifest in our relationships. We’re more likely to take risks or to act impulsively; this can bring fun, excitement and progress into our lives, yet it helps to calculate our risks and to give our impulses a direction, a goal to work towards so we don’t end up spreading ourselves too thin.

It also helps to remember that it’s not always heroic to defend our beliefs if this defense is a knee-jerk reaction more than a thought-out expression of our values. With a little moderation, we can make the best of this fiery, exciting transit!

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