What to do when You've Hit a Creative Wall

Written by Shannon


Posted on May 09 2016

I’m a firm believer that we’re all creative beings. Creativity and imagination is the glass through which we react and relate to the beauty and love of this Earth. Sometimes, however, we can hit somewhat of a roadblock. Writers call it writer’s block. When I was a cheerleader (yes, cheer was a creative outlet for me at the time!) we called it a mental block. But whatever it is that’s causing you to lose touch with your creative mind, remember that it is in no way permanent and there are ways to release your mind from whatever has a hold on you.

Take a step back from whatever is causing you stress

When you’re in the midst of a storm, it can cloud the way you think. There are good stressors and bad stressors, but we’ve all had those times when everything just bares down all at once. Whatever that may be for you (work life, home life, sex life, financial woes, etc., etc.) you should always give yourself time to step away from it all. That could mean taking a personal day from work or just setting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” for a few minutes (or just turning it off). I like to think of these as mental health breaks or self care. The path back to creativity can be as simple as taking a pause.

Try something new, that scares you a little

Doing something exciting that scares you is a perfect way to awaken your senses. That something could be as simple as karaoke (I have stage fright, so the mere thought causes me anxiety) or as extreme as base jumping. Whatever that is for your, build up the courage to just go for it, and feel your creativity return to you like it never left!

Get physical

That means exactly what it sounds like. Get up and set moving. Go for a run, do some yoga, or, my personal favorite, burst into a spontaneous dance. Whatever physical activity that you enjoy will breaking out into a sweat will be just the thing for taking your mind off of life and into the movement. Sometimes, we don’t realized that we’ve been sedentary for too long (especially those of us that spend time at a desk for 8+ hours). If you haven’t been in motion in a little while, it may be time change that!

Do an emotional cleanse

Sometimes, we just need a good cry. Life is hard sometimes and we all deal with our own pressures in our own way, but one thing I’ve found is that the best release can come in the form of tears. It doesn’t need to be a public show of emotion, by any means. This can be something that takes place at home or somewhere private. Letting the tears fall freely, away from judgement, is very therapeutic and may help you balance your thoughts. Get the tissue ready and just let it go.


Ah, breathing. A necessity that we often take for granted and don’t use for it’s full potential. Taking a few moments in the morning before work or in the afternoon after a stressful day to focus on meaningful breaths is a way to open your mind and be in tune with your body. Remember to follow your breaths in, deeply and exhale slowly until all the air has gone. Allow your breath to become vocal and listen and simple respiration because melodic. Don’t overthink it, just breathe and release your mind for a while. Creativity can be fleeting, but being in tune with our simple needs can get the process back on track.



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