What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 11 2019

What is the meaning of the evil eye?

One of the most famous talismans that you encounter is the Evil Eye. Wherever you go visiting, you can’t help by notice that a little blue eye is staring back at you at the gift shop. Do you know what the meaning of the Evil Eye talisman is? Or how it has spread throughout the world?

Because today, we are taking you on a trip, where you will learn all about the power the Evil Eye holds.

what is the meaning of the evil eye

Where did the evil eye symbol come from?

All over the world, the evil eye symbol appears. But, where does it originally come from? Many believe that Spain is the country of origin of the Evil Eye, however, we see the evil eye symbol throughout history in many different locations. Mesopotamia, Greece, West Asia, and Spain are just some of the places that the Evil Eye pops out. So, although we can’t be sure from where the evil eye symbol came from, we can say with certainty why it was created.

In Macedonia, there is a belief that giving too much praise to small children can cause misfortune upon them. And from this belief spurn out other similar beliefs of unintentional or intentional malevolence. Much like in other cultures, in Macedonia, it’s also believed that the eyes of an individual can cast curses, whether it’s intentional or not.

Sometimes, envy and jealousy while observing someone else can cause a curse to be cast, without even realizing it. Sometimes, people intentionally curse people, and in such cases, it is believed that the curse cast from blue eyes is the most potent one. All of these beliefs are very common in different civilizations in the world, and they all explain the need of a talisman against such malevolence.

What does the evil eye mean?

The meaning of the evil eye talisman is a protective one. It is believed that the evil eye talisman is a talisman that can perceive curses and malevolent intentions, and protect the individual wearing it Evil Eye Dreamcatcher Woven.

How does the evil eye work?

It is believed that there are three kinds of negative energies:

  • Unintentional malice

  • Intentional malice and curses

  • Higher malice and curses by unseen forces

The evil eye is designed to fend off any negative energies that may attempt to work their way into your life, no matter whether they are sent from a person intentionally or unintentionally, or some other type of negative energy by “unseen forces”.

In many cultures, the Evil Eye talisman is a talisman that is bought for each child of the family because it is believed that small children are more susceptible to malevolent energies and gazes, which is why they need the extra protection.

However, anyone who wishes to protect themselves is free to wear an Evil Eye talisman, because it’s effective for anyone that wears it.

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