Word Of The Week – Saturn Return

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 03 2019

In astrology, there are a few transits that can cause quite the ruckus. One of those transits is the Saturn Return.

What is a Saturn Return?

Each planet in the sky takes a certain amount of time to make one full cycle around the Sun. Our planet, Earth needs 365 days to make a full circle around the Sun, and return to the same point in her path, as when Earth started the journey. Similarly, each year you celebrate your birthday, a 365-day cycle from the day everything started for you – the day you were born. Although each birthday brings something new for you, each Sun cycle of the planets in our solar system brings something new for you as well.

As we mentioned above, each planet takes a certain amount of time to make a full circle around the Sun. That’s because each planet is at a different distance from the Sun, which makes some cycles shorter than Earth’s and some a lot longer than Earth’s.

One of the longer cycles is Saturn’s. It takes Saturn about 29 years to make a full circle around the Sun. That means one of Saturn’s years is 29 Earth years long. Cool, right?

So, what’s the catch? How is any of this connected to Saturn Return?

As every planet orbits around the Sun, it passes various zodiac signs. We call those movements’ transits in astrology. A Saturn Return is an astrological transit, when Saturn returns to the very same place it was when you were born, about 29 years ago in the same zodiac sign. As Saturn approaches the place it was positioned when you were born, the tides of change will start to wash over you, and put down everything not needed in your life.

Because of the way, Saturn moves around the Sun, and its distance, the effects of the Saturn Return can be felt even earlier – around your 27th birthday.

What is the significance of a Saturn Return? How will it affect me?

A Saturn Return is like a slow-building avalanche, coming your way. Everything that’s not solid, has to go. Now, don’t panic! Let us explain!

Yes, your Saturn Return will cause many changes in your life, however, ultimately they will be for the better. When you were a child, you had many dreams about your future, how your life would be, what you will be and who you will be. We bet that you thought people who were 30 were old as well, right? We all thought a lot of silly things when we were younger because we haven’t faced the difficulties of life on our skin.

As time passes, you grow up, you reach your twenties, and you finish college, get a job, build a relationship or even get married. However, no matter how harsh life is, or how good it is, you can’t shake that feeling of having any idea what you are doing with your life. No matter which opportunities arise, you are going to make mistakes or take a wrong turn on your path.

That’s when Saturn Return comes into play. A Saturn Return is a sort of like a rite of passage, that will help you shake off that uncertainty about what you want to do with your life, what you are currently doing, and what you want to do. It’s a period of great turbulence, and change, that will come down upon you hard, so that it can help you shake off everything that you are not doing right.

Think of your life as a castle that is being built. You start small, and as life progresses you make your castle bigger. However, during the time you build your castle because you don’t know what you are doing half of the time, only some places are really solid and well-built. Others might be added on the sides because you saw something cool at a neighboring castle and you wanted one too.

But, you might not have had the space to do that in your castle, or perhaps you were simply lacking the building blocks for it, so you just added something with no foundation on the side of something that had a strong foundation. Maybe you started building something, but you just abandoned that part for some other part of your castle. Maybe you even built something with dirt instead of stone because you simply didn’t have the materials for it.

Soon enough, when you take a look at the bigger picture of your castle – from the outside, you realize that what was once an amazing stronghold, now looks like something completely ridiculous that doesn’t stand a chance against the tides of time. And that’s when Saturn Return comes, shattering everything that wasn’t built right. Because you deserve to build an amazing castle out of your life, with a strong foundation and glorious heights, but you can’t build it if you put your efforts and materials into something that won’t last.

Survival Tips For Saturn Return

And now for the hardest part, how do you survive these harsh few years of your life without despairing? Here are a few tips:

Learn To Let Go

Although Saturn Return can cause a lot of changes into your life, it’s not the change itself that is the cause of your pain during this period. It’s not letting go of the things that are holding you down. You have to devote some time on learning to accept that our realities can very easily change and to make the best of those changes. It’s hard and challenging, however, you won’t progress if you stay stuck your whole life into a job that you hate, or a relationship built on lies. Holding onto something like that will only bring you more pain in the future, than letting go.

Learn More About Your Saturn Return

Yes, changes will be coming towards you, but the details of those changes and how to deal with them are different for everyone. The best way to learn about your personal journey is to look up your natal chart. However, if you feel like it’s too confusing for you to look up your chart, then an experienced astrologer can help you to decipher the language of the planets. Luckily for you, we have a specialized Saturn Return astrology reading available.

Face Your Fears

Yes, no one likes to face their fears. However, Saturn Return will strip you down, searching for every single fear that you have, and throw your face to face with it until you come out victorious. So, instead of waiting for every single fear piled up on you during your Saturn Return, start working early and try to overcome one fear per year at least. You have no idea how grateful your future you will be to you!

Tune in to our blog for more info on how to survive Saturn Return!



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