What Is Reiki Healing?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 19 2020

Reiki healing is a special Japanese technique for natural healing. The idea behind reiki is that everyone alive possesses special energy called life energy or ki. When our life energy is low, we are more likely to get sick or to get plagued with negative thoughts. When we are in abundance of life energy, we are stronger, healthier and more joyful. The point of Reiki Healing is through each session to work on increasing your life energy so that you can live a better life.

Reiki Meaning And Origin

Reiki originates from Japan, and although the most common form of reiki that we practice is the Usui Reiki, before that there were a few different branches and practices of reiki. They were very different than the reiki we know now, so many people don't even consider them as reiki.

The Usui Reiki that is most commonly practiced today comes from Misai Usuki Sensei - an enlightened Japanese man that received this gift and chose to share it with the world. He was born in 1865. He struggled with difficulty most of his life, however, he never let it get to him. It is said that he was almost always seen with a smile on his face, and the difficulties only steeled his resolve to become a better man.  

After achieving success in his career, he started focusing on his spiritual path, looking to achieve a special state of consciousness. 

When he was enlightened he was on Mt. Kurama, trying to achieve the special state, even if he died in the attempt - unaware that he will discover Reiki Healing. It was there where he felt the immense Reiki Energy, and from then on developed it, used it, healed people with it and taught it to the world.

What Are The Benefits Of Reiki?

Reiki healing is very beneficial for your overall health. Here are some of the benefits of Reiki Healing:

  • Increasing your life energy

  • Increasing your overall energy levels

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Relaxation and unwinding

  • Finding the strength to improve yourself and the way of life

  • Becoming more joyful and happy in life

  • Pain Relief

  • Improving the ability of your body, mind, and soul to heal itself

  • Dissolving energy blocks

  • Improving your mindset and thought process

What To Expect From A Reiki Session?

During a reiki session, expect to sit on a chair or to lay down fully clothed, as the Reiki practitioner touches different parts of your body to transfer the energy.

You will feel incredibly relaxed, and you should feel the heat and tingle from the hands of the Reiki practitioner. Sometimes many clients fall asleep.

However one of the most overlooked parts of Reiki Healing Sessions is that for the increase of life energy to be constant, and to prevent the life energy lowering after the session a full cycle must be achieved. The receiver of the healing energy should accept responsibility for their healing, he/she must accept that change needs to happen in their life, that they have to work on self-improvement, so that the Reiki Healing can be more effective and the height of life energy to be kept constant.

So keep in mind that you have to put in the effort as well, to complete the cycle!

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