The Top 5 Angels to Call on When Developing a Self Love Practice

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Posted on February 07 2019

by Seryna Myers

Ahh February… the month of love. The one time of year where we’re drowning in chocolate and Valentines, with the occasional poke by cupid’s arrow. While the focus of most conversations in February is around external love and validation (ie: who can get the most candy-grams delivered to the class in high school) the missing element is what happens when you turn the focus of love inward.

While that’s an easy thing to say, it’s not the way we’ve been conditioned to think. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we aim cupid’s arrow at our own hearts, a pretty magical thing can happen. And I’ve got 5 angels that will help you with this journey. When we see ourselves the way angels see us, we shed the burden of what we perceive to be our flaws, we drop the weight of any guilt or shame we feel from the coulda woulda shouldas of life. We become lighter, freer, happier, and we get to show our inner awesomeness to the outside world.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 angels you want to work with when cultivating self love (in February, or any other time of the year):

Archangel Michael - Let Down Your Guard

Here’s the real truth about self-love… part of why it’s hard is because life can be hard. Every time we experience a heartache, or trauma, or disappointment, we layer wall upon wall around our hearts to try to prevent any heartache. And while this is an effective way to minimize hurt, it’s also what keeps us from being able to truly love ourselves, or anyone else.

Archangel Michael is the protector of all the angels. You can call on him to help you to feel safe enough to let down your guard, or any time you’re dealing with things that make you feel uncomfortable or bound to a particular situation or pattern. Feeling safe is the first step to being able to let love in, and the support you’ll feel from being wrapped in Michael’s wings is an excellent place to start your process.

Archangel Chamuel - Open Your Heart

Once you feel safe and ready to experience love, the next step is to open your heart so it’s able to receive. This is probably the most vulnerable process because an open heart means you’re also open to disappointment, but the pay off for this risk is a big one, so trust me when I say it’s worthwhile.

Archangel Chamuel is guardian of the heart chakra. Despite all this talk about broken hearts, our heart center is actually the only part of us that is actually unbreakable. The pain of attachment and grief makes us think it’s our heart, when in reality, the heart is our haven. Chamuel can open the doors to the heart, allowing you to let love in. Not only does this help you experience the flow of self-love, it has the added benefit of opening up receptivity to all sorts of new things like friendships, opportunities, and abundance.

Archangel Haniel - Get Real About How You Feel

One of the biggest deterrents to self love that we can encounter is when we deny how we’re really feeling because it’s uncomfortable or less than ideal. You’ll see this in a lot of circles where anything less than “love and light” gets dismissed with a “good vibes only” brush off.

When we’re learning to love ourselves, acknowledging the parts we currently deem unlovable is a core part of the healing process. When we speak it out loud (even if it’s just to ourselves, or in the comfort of prayer), we strip it of its power. Silence is where guilt, shame, and regret (the biggest things we beat ourselves up over) breed - so speaking it brings it to the light. This is where Haniel comes in.

Haniel reminds us that we’re entitled to feel everything we feel, and brings with her a gentle compassion that we so desperately need, in order to facilitate healing. She can also help us understand our feelings, and what lies beneath them, which can be especially helpful when we feel blindsided and don’t know why we react in particular ways. Haniel reminds us to be gentle with ourselves through the process, and that everything we’re feeling is exactly as it should be. Which is a wonderful segue into our next angel...

Jeremiel - Lighten the Load with Forgiveness

If there was one thing that can take us out of our hearts and into the land of self loathing, it would be shame. When we dwell in the past, and start imposing expectations on ourselves (especially when they’re based on standards that have been created by others), it’s a recipe for self loathing, when our main goal should be self loving. And the remedy for that, is forgiveness. That’s where Jeremiel comes in.

Whenever the conversation turns to forgiveness, it’s often directed towards other people. But much like the topic of love, our forgiveness is incomplete if it doesn’t include ourselves. Jeremiel brings with him a cloak of relief that washes over us, clearing away our shame, regret, and judgment. Our shoulders are no longer weighed down with unmet expectations, and resentment, or criticism for choices we made in the past. Jeremiel helps us to recognize that when we know better, we do better, and helps us embody the energy of forgiveness so we can move forward with more lightness and more love.

Jophiel - See the Beauty Around You

When we feel down about ourselves, we have a tendency to see the world through a pretty murky lens. Instead of rose-colored glasses, consider this to be more like mud-colored glasses, so even the most beautiful things look pretty dingy. This leaves us unable to see the beauty around us, and certainly leaves us blind to the beauty within us.

Jophiel’s light wipes the slate clean, helping us to not only see things beautifully, but with the dial turned up so everything is more vibrant and lovely. When we find ourselves unable to see past a difficult situation, we can call on her to show us the good in it. And in the times when we find ourselves listening to the inner critic, Jophiel speaks up to remind us about the magic we make in the world, and why we are so needed in the world.

When you see the beauty in yourself, and the beauty around you, you can’t help but feel deep, heart-penetrating gratitude for the life you’re living. And then more grateful you are, the more you attract reasons to experience even more gratitude.

Now that you know which angels to work with, here are a couple of ways you can integrate them into your practice:

Invite them into your meditations

If one of these areas is something you’ve felt yourself really struggling with, consider meditating with that angel every day for 30 days. The more familiar you become with the frequency of their energy, the more your own energy will expand to meet theirs, helping you strengthen this part of your self love struggle. If you need a little assistance calling these angels in, try burning an Angel’s Influence Candle to help.

Include them in your altars

If you’ve created an altar in your sacred space devoted to cultivating self love, bringing in any or all of these angels (or angels of love more generally) will support your intention. You can include photos, angel cards, even just their names on your altar to remind you of their presence, keeping them at the forefront of your mind when you do your devotional work. Remember, Angelite is a great crystal to use when connecting with the angels and this bonsai tree would be a great addition to your altar.

Add angel prayers to your existing gratitude practice

A daily gratitude practice is a wonderful way to flex the receptivity muscles, and adding angels into this will help you align your energy to the expansiveness gratitude brings. Thank the angels for helping you on your journey, even if you haven’t seen the results yet. For example, if you’re working on learning to open your heart, you could say, “Thank you Archangel Chamuel for the opportunity to safely open my heart. I am so grateful for your help, and am excited to feel the love coming my way.”

Working with angels in all facets of my life has been pivotal for me to get out of my very busy head, into my ever expansive heart. I can’t wait to hear how these angels help you deepen your practice, and remind you of the beauty of your big, beautiful soul.


Seryna Myers is a Sacred Soul™ mentor, and the creator of The Sacred Soul Song Quiz. She helps women on the rise navigate all of the layers between who they are and their potential. Her work with angels and the Akashic Records takes a soul-aligned approach to coaching and branding, helping her clients release the barriers to being seen. She believes in living a life with purpose, on purpose, and that inner work can unfold with joy, ease, and grace. Seryna has overcome corporate boredom, burn out, and the desire to blend in. If you’re ready to go deeper and unleash the power of your potential, visit her website at: You can find Seryna on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest @serynamyers.

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