The second house- I have, therefore I am

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 01 2018

When you are trying to learn more about yourself, Astrology is the right place to start. When you start reading about horoscopes, your sign, the astrology houses, everything starts to make sense. In a way, you are an open book when it comes to the stars. Especially when it comes to astrology houses, each segment holds so much information about you. On this magical journey through the houses, we have reached the second house - I have, therefore I am.  This is the astrology house in which you identify yourself through the things that you have. 

In the second house, we’re marked by the realization that we were born into a physical, concrete world that starts with our own body, extends to the objects or properties that we have and has deeper meanings linked to values, assets, skills and abilities- in a word, all that we “own”. Chronologically speaking, the second house represents the child who is now learning to handle his physical body and to explore the world using his or her senses, still very dependent on material security.

In the second house, we live through the senses, fully embodied, and we look at the world from a pragmatic perspective: “What benefits does this bring me?” “How can it help me expand my assets and increase my sense of security?”. This is why the second house is the house of money, finances, properties, prosperity but also attachments of any type: to objects, to people, to places or to ideas. Since we often gain money and security through our own work, the second house also represents our skills, the abilities that we can use practically to offer and to obtain value from the world. “Value” is a keyword for this house, so look at the sign and at the planets that your birth chart has here to find out what you value, what abilities you can offer to the world, how you experience attachment, how you embody yourself, as well as how you handle your money!

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