The Importance of Self Love

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 24 2017

What is self-care?
What is self-love?
Why do you need self-care the most?
Why should you be thinking about yourself when you can use that time to help other people?

Self-care and self-love is very important. After all to love someone else, you must first love yourself. Caring for your self is caring for others. But what is self-care?

It is the act of involving in positive activities that are good for you, that bring out the positivity in you, makes you a better person and has a positive effect on you overall. Self-care is important because it helps you identify yourself and accept yourself rather than accepting the society’s idea. It allows a person to accept one self for who they are and appreciate themselves.
We all know how stressful our lives are, right? Because we all have this idea of perfection to which we strive, and to achieve that we are continuously working to accept the society’s idea of success, which is not our ultimate happiness. This stresses us out. Productivity is put forward instead of happiness, work ethic over passion. According to a study done by Heart of Leadership, 74% of the people say that they face pressure at work, 98% of the people say that they feel like there Is pressure from certain factors to look in a certain way. And this list goes on and on.
But what should we do about it?  Well, we could start by instead of following someone else’s ideals and dreams, we should have our own, and we should take care of ourselves. We cannot neglect our emotional or physical well-being. Sometimes you can’t do it all and you have to learn to say NO to others. By being unhealthy, you will do more harm than good! You will just tear yourself apart even more, and one day you will fall apart and crumble.
But you are not here to do that. You are here to love, to take care of yourself first so you get the chance to take care of others. And the most important thing about self-care is, that you can’t fake it. You have to love yourself genuinely, you have to feel the positive energy flow through you and that is a process that shouldn’t be forced. And the best way to do this I’ve found is by the little things. Give your body comfort, pick out a outfit that you love without thinking what others will think about it. Spend time with good people who will bring the positivity in you. You have to take care of yourself and surround your self with positive things. Eat something you enjoy, take a long bath or shower. Take a class for fun. Meditate.

Enjoy your life and make your self happy. And then you get to do even better. You'll vibe and share that happiness with everyone around you!



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