The fifth house- I am, therefore I create

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 24 2018

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey through the astrology houses. Today we have reached the astrology house of the rebellious teenager. That's right, we are at the fifth astrology house and boy is it going to get confusing or what? Now that you have established your place in the world through the fourth house and found your tribe it's time to play around and push your boundaries.  The fifth astrology house is where you get as creative as you can be. It's the house in which you are an absolutely unwavering free spirit that can't be stopped once its mind has been made up.

Once the child has established a family identity, rebellion is inevitable. The fifth house marks the time when a personal identity is developed: a bold step forward, with the motto “I’m not like all of you. I’m unique”. Admiration and appreciation feed the ego as teenagers live their own “personal fable”, striving to be remarked in their peer group and to find perfect romance.

The fifth house is the fun territory of all that helps us express ourselves with passion and from the heart: sports, art, drama, creativity, and hobbies of any kind, ways to occupy our leisure time, be it partying, tourism or simply staying at home and enjoying the small blessings of life. Living the moment, taking risks (gambling, anyone?), having fun and experiencing pleasure are trademarks of the fifth house, so it’s no surprise that romance and children are included here as well. On this particularly shiny stage of the house wheel, we mingle, we flirt and we enjoy the butterflies in our stomach as love blooms.

This is not necessarily an ever-lasting romance- though it may certainly seem so-, but a spur of the moment, a celebration of life and love. Since one of the most common ways of being creative is having a child, the 5th house is also the house of offspring and is reminiscent of the carefree attitude of young ones. Look at the sign and the planets in this house to find out how you like to have fun, what’s your flirting and romance style, what you’re attracted to, how you get creative and how you can best relate to your children!

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