The Art Of Feng Shui – How to organize your living room?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 14 2018

Hello everyone!

On this magical journey to bring balance and positive vibes in your life, it’s very important to not only be the source of positive energy but also be surrounded by positive people and space. Speaking of space, your home is the most important space in your life, your home is your shelter, where you go after a hard day at work and just want to have some rest and relax.

So, keeping everything tidy and keeping positive undisturbed energy flow in it is essential if you want to balance your life. Feng shui is a Chinese art and science that helps maintaining positive energy flow and keeping the yin and yang in balance. For more information on what Feng Shui just click on the button below. 

Now, with that being said, if you want to bring some positive vibes and keep that energy flow going, today we will be teaching you how to do that with the help of Feng Shui! Today we are starting with the living room and the front door, so let’s get to it!

1. The path to your home should always be clear and any kind of obstacles on it are not welcome. By keeping the path to your home clear, you are ensuring that the energy flow will be undisturbed.

2. Now, let’s go to the front door. The front door is the most important door in your home and it should always be made of wood. Not only that, but it should open inward to a wide space. By doing so, you are welcoming positive energy into your home.

3. To invite good and positive Feng Shui energy to your house, your living room should always be giving off an inviting, friendly atmosphere. To do this you have to manage your space better. That means, your living room should have space to walk around, space for more people to sit in and also a place to display family photos because they are your support system.

4. Regarding your furniture: 

- The main sofa should always face towards the entry
-    You should avoid harsh angles. That means that a circular coffee table made out of wood might be your best choice.
-    Other sofas and chairs should be placed around the coffee table and sofa in a way that it won’t feel too crowded and it will be functional and easy to go around.

5. A Lucky Bamboo plant is very important for inviting positive energy and it’s hollow trunk signifies free, undisturbed energy flow. You should always place it in your living room, near a window to invite positive energy in. The number of stacks of bamboo signifies different things. Two stacks are for luck, three stacks are for happiness and five signify good health. 

We hope you enjoyed these Feng Shui tips for your living room. Remember to stay tuned to our blog so you can get more info on Feng Shui for your home and become a Feng Shui Master in no time!



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