Word Of The Week – Sacred Geometry

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 11 2019

As you go through learning about crystal healing and crystal grids, it’s inevitable to come across a term that is called “sacred geometry” and learn that a lot of the crystal grids are built upon a pattern based on sacred geometry. So, what exactly does sacred geometry mean?

In the past, when Pythagoras was learning and inventing mathematical equations, he came upon the conclusion that everything is connected. For him, everything in nature moved, from the smallest atoms to the planets based on mathematical equations and laws. He even theorized that those very mathematical equations correspond to musical notes, which then transform into an inaudible symphony.

And although his teachings might seem strange, they are not that farfetched. Today, we have discovered fractals, which are the scientific term for geometrical figures that repeat themselves into every part from which a fractal consists. In a way, the more we explore and learn, we find patterns in nature that keep repeating themselves on a microscopic and macroscopic scale in nature.

Sacred geometry is the belief that these patterns hold special power, they are sacred because they are the building plans on which the building blocks of nature stand, and create reality.

Specifically in crystal healing, when crystals are placed on a specific sacred geometry pattern, that pattern helps the crystals to resonate on both ends – microscopic and macroscopic. On a microscopic level, the sacred geometry pattern strengthens and stabilizes the energy output of the crystals in the crystal grid. On a macroscopic level, the energy of the crystals resonates with the life force of the Universe, thus locking the crystals into a process of energy enhancement and energy attraction.

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