How Enlightened Are You?

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 29 2017

Today the most interesting thing happened to me. I was buying myself some goods from the bakery down the street and when I got out of the bakery there was a dog nearby. It wasn’t the biggest dog, it was white and his ribs were showing. You’d think that in its starved state he’d start running towards you to get some of your freshly baked goods. And yet the dog sat there peacefully staring in my eyes. I couldn’t help it. I called it over to give it some of the meat pie that I just bought. It came towards me wiggling its tail, took the piece from my hand so carefully and so gently which was surprising since it had just been so excited, and went to its previous spot to eat the meat pie in peace.

It got me thinking you know, this dog was more polite and more civil than some folks on this planet. Could dogs be on a higher level of spiritual enlightenment than us? I know that it might be silly but here are some thoughts that might back this theory up:

  • Dogs are cheerful even when they are in aches and pains
  • They live without caffeine
  • They understand when their loved ones are too busy to give them any time
  • They don’t judge based on any prejudice
  • They take criticism and blame without resentment
  • They don’t care about your education or job
  • They don’t care about your skin color, your gender or religion
  • They can offer love without boundaries

Still think that dogs are not on a higher level of spiritual enlightenment than humans?  It's so funny how d-o-g spelled backwards is g-o-d.



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