Questions to Ask Your Pendulum

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 18 2019

Perhaps, you had all sorts of questions throughout the day, however, when you sit down to actually gain some clarity, nothing pops into your head? We’ve been there.

It happens to even the most experienced pendulum users. Never fear though, when this happens, just take a little break and regroup. You can refer to our trusty list below for a little help but don’t forget that the best way to make sure you have your questions ready is to take notes during the day. Yep, we know it’s easy to forget to write them down but if you remember do it. Write them down even when not all questions you have are yes or no. You can always take some time later to make them into a more appropriate form for getting answers from your pendulum.

So for those you in a bind, don’t have questions ready for your pendulum, or you are just a newbie with pendulums and you aren’t sure what kind of questions you can ask your pendulums, we are giving you a few questions to get you started!

Just remember, that when working with your pendulum you always want to identify your sacred answers of yes, no and maybe AND ask the Pendulum if it wants to work with you on the specific topic. These are super important otherwise you might get some wonky answers. Learn more about that in our Ultimate Pendulum Guide.

Are you excited for the questions? Without further ado here are our most favorite questions to ask your pendulum.


When it comes to your diet, a Pendulum is a fantastic way to figure out what adjustments to make. Remember, pendulums are just a tool to help you connect with your own body, which knows all the answers of the universe. It only makes perfect sense that it would be able to tell you what it likes, doesn’t like or needs. We recommend for asking about your diet to use a Clear Quartz, Metal or Wooden Pendulum to connect with your crown chakra and limit interference.

Our favorite questions to ask about food and diet are:

- Is eating during [insert the time of day] right for me?

- Is this meal good for me?

- Is [name of diet] a good choice for me?

- Is the food I am eating healthy for me?

- Is the food I am eating making me sick?

- Is eating more --- good for me?

- Is eating less --- good for me?

- Should I stop eating —-?

- Should I start eating —-?

- Should I eat —- with —-?

- Should I take this vitamin or supplement?

- Should I take this vitamin in the morning?

- Should I take this vitamin in the evening?

- Should I intermittent fast for optimum health?

- Does dairy harm my body?

- Will eating meat once a week harm my body?

-Will eating meat provide me the right amount of protein to keep my body healthy?

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We’ve all been there before. Feeling confused or stuck in your career sucks big time. And of course, we all know all the greatest answers lie within, but sometimes they are so tough getting to them. Using a Pendulum, especially a Pyrite, Aventurine or Clear Quartz pendulum can definitely help you connect to more abundance in your life. Here are our favorite questions to ask right now.

- Am I on the right career path?

- Am I focusing on the right goal at the moment?

- Will I get a promotion?

- Is it time for a career change?

- If I follow up on my business idea, will I be successful?

- Will I be successful as a----?

- Is participating in this project beneficial for my career?

- Could reaching out to this person be productive?

- Is now the right time to ask for a raise?

- Is now the right time to ask for a promotion?

- Would this person make a good mentor?

- Should I discuss this with my boss (or coworker)?

- Is learning this skill worthwhile for my career aspirations?


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Yes, you can totally ask all about the L word! You actually SHOULD ask all about love, and not just romantic love but also self love. When working with love, we recommend using Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine or Malachite to truly connect. Our favorite questions about love are below.

- Is --- a soulmate?

- Will I meet my soulmate?

- Should I practice more self-love?

- Am I ready for a new relationship?

- Am I in a relationship with the right partner?

- Is this relationship meant to be?

- Is this relationship healthy for my soul’s growth?

- Is there more to learn from this person?

- Do we have karmic ties?

- Are my love and I compatible?

- Is staying with my lover healthy?

- Is this self love practice beneficial for me?

- Should I implement this self love practice into my monthly routine?


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Inner Peace

Connecting with your spirit or higher self is a must when working on curating inner peace and a pendulum is a magical tool to help you do just that. We recommend Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Clear Quartz for when you are seeking clarity on your mindset. They’ll help to connect to your third eye. Plus, try these questions to get right to the heart of what makes you magical AF.

- Is this type of meditation appropriate for my spiritual growth?

- Is the morning the best time for me to write my affirmations?

- Should I meditate for bed?

- Is this crystal appropriate for me to use during my meditation today?

- Will sleeping with this crystal allow me to be more well rested?

- Is this the best intention to set to accomplish my goals?

- Was my meditation successful today?

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    I have a pendulum and I have asked it if I was pregnant and it keep saying yes but when I take the test, results come back negative..

    Posted by shirley phillips | March 30, 2022
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