Moon Phases: A Perpetual Return

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 13 2018

As you may already know, there are a few Moon Phases that the moon passes before she makes her full cycle. The Moons power is so great that she even affects the tides of the oceans with the force of gravity. But, then a question arises: As ancient the Moon itself is, could the Moon has a greater effect on us than we think? From ancient times it was believed that the Moon Phases are good for certain things like the new moon was usually when the harvest was starting. And even today, the moon and the moon phases hold much greater power and energies than you could ever imagine.

Night and day, Sun and Moon: we build our daily lives in the heart of these cycles. One expression of the Sun-Moon relationship that most obviously affects the unfolding of our life takes the form of Moon phases. The light of the spirit (Sun) infuses us, the earthly crowd imprinted by our past, our routines and our emotions (Moon), with the necessary energy to survive. Depending on the phase of the Sun-Moon cycle, this energy has a different quality and supports different types of processes. Let’s find out more! Join us on this exploratory journey through the Moon Phases each Friday!

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