Astro Alert: Mars Conjuncts Chiron in Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 13 2020

From about July 7 to 17, wounded healer Chiron will be stationing towards retrograde in quick-tempered Aries. Chiron represents the parts of us that we’ve exiled as a result of past hurtful experience and his transits serve as reminders that those parts are still there, in need of our attention and love.

Especially on the 14th, when Chiron conjuncts fiery Mars, we could be easily hurt by people who undermine our freedom or our authority. Tempers might flare and heated debates might be unavoidable. If you find yourself reacting impulsively from a place of pain and anger, think of a similar situation in the past (perhaps in your childhood) that might’ve opened that wound.

Aries is a confident, spontaneous sign who loves to take risks and break the mold. A wounded Aries might have not been allowed to speak up, to express their sadness or anger, to act based on their intuition, or to explore their sexuality.

They might feel like others are always against them. If this is relatable, ask yourself what part of you was exiled to please others and to avoid suffering- perhaps your spontaneous, passionate, or confident self- and talk to it, asking what it needs to feel safe enough for finding expression in the outer world again.

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