Just Good News – Learn Gratitude from a Kangaroo and Determination from a Police Officer Guarding a Turtle! 

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 08 2018

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week's Just Good News! It’s time to fill yourself up with joy, inspiration, and determination in these hot summer days. This weekend, you will fill yourself with so many positive vibes that you will simply radiate with joy. It’s time to be amazing and kick ass, and we happen to have the appropriate inspiration with today’s Just Good News!

This week a police officer guarding a turtle and a little boy rushing to his graduation at 4 am all alone are here to give you a little lesson about determination. And a wild kangaroo stops by to make a visit and show you the meaning of the word gratitude! Check out all the amazing Just Good News these awesome people have brought us and let the positive vibes fill you up!

A police officer guarding a turtle

When a couple drove through the pouring rain, they saw something strange. A police officer, standing in the pouring rain at the middle of the road smiling widely. Apparently, a very stubborn turtle was also determined to not leave the road. Since these particular turtles are hard to handle without equipment, she was waiting for animal control to come and help it off the road. Out of concern for the turtle's well-being, the police officer stood on the pouring rain, guarding it against oncoming cars. What an amazing woman that is! Check out the full story here.

Determined boy to graduate gets a car as a gift

After a little boy and his family moved, he still went to his old school at about 10 miles away from his home. And when the bus driver saw him, at 4 am waiting for the bus and rushing to his graduation all alone, the driver was amazed. She snapped a picture of him that went viral. When people saw it, they were so inspired by this young boy determination and will, they gifted him a car! How awesome is that? Click here to check out the full story.

Rescued kangaroo returns for a visit

When he was a little baby, this kangaroo stopped by a wild sanctuary with wounds and scratches. They were taking such good care of him, that years later he stopped by for a visit. This is a very rare occurrence because kangaroos live in mobs and are rarely separated from them. Not only did the kangaroo stop by, he also remembered the place and people who took care of him. Even gave away hugs! Even an animal can show such deep gratitude. Amazing! Check out the full story here.

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