Word Of The Week - Inner Harmony

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 17 2020

Lately, it seems like our whole lives are upside down. But in reality, after a few months of quarantine, doesn’t it seem to you that our hectic lives before quarantine were all wrong, and our now calmer lives are somehow better – even though we are in the middle of multiple crises happening in the world. Staying at home has given us the chance to really face ourselves and learn who we truly are, what is happening with us, and in what state we are.

Acknowledging the current condition in which we are and being more mindful of our inner selves, is only the first step to a magical journey towards inner harmony. Inner harmony is our natural state when we are grounded by our inner calmness. However, with everyday modern life, jumping from task to task makes every day too unpredictable to maintain our inner harmony. We are too busy to pay attention and reflect on our days, and so our inner harmony gets shaken.

But now, our lives are different. We are different. We see the impact that inner harmony can do for us, and how much it helps in creating our own damn magic. The world will slowly slide back into its normal pace after the quarantine is over. However, let’s not slide into old habits that hold us back in life. Let’s not let inner chaos command our inner world yet again. Let’s instead embrace the inner harmony we achieved and continue to maintain it.

A great way to embrace and enhance your inner harmony is to meditate daily, reflect every night on your day, start journaling, map your goals and track them daily, connect with your crystals daily, sage your home and yourself, and most importantly, love yourself daily!

Tune in to our blog to learn how to maintain your Inner Harmony!



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