How To Use Gemini Energy To Propel Your Life?

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 21 2020

Dear readers,

Starting with May 20, we’re up for a month when curiosity and giggles will get the best of us as we navigate the Gemini territories of reading, writing, learning, talking, moving, and having fun! The sign of the twins is often associated with adolescence, a time of learning, and exploring when all paths are available and there is no limit to our curiosity.

Luckily, each of us has Gemini somewhere in our chart, so we can use this sign’s energy to propel our lives forward with the fuel of enthusiasm, wit, and flexibility. Read below to find out what area of your life can benefit from this type of energy the most, especially in the following month!

Gemini And Gemini Ascendant: Self-Expression

Dear Gemini, your Sun or Ascendant shows that the Twins occupy your first house: your self-image, your physical body, your behavior, and your path.

During the following month, focus on what you want to manifest by envisioning it in detail, then write it down. Multitasking or investing your energy in more than one project at a time will suit you well!

Your mind and your voice are your best assets, so make a list of goals that might put them to work and then find the enthusiasm to take the first steps. A change of look would suit your versatility as well, while Pilates or flexibility training could help your body feel lighter. Rock your season, Gemini!

Cancer And Cancer Ascendant: Inner Oceans

Dear Cancer, the best way you can use the curious energy of Gemini is by learning new things about your inner world, your emotions, or even your past lives. With Gemini in the 12th house of spirituality and self-undoing, the following month will be a time of introspection for you.

Make the best of it by retreating to meditate or to create (writing is a good choice), by reading books about spirituality or psychology or by journaling about your inner quest.

Connect with the collective mind through your medium of choice, whether it’s meditation, reading, or blogging. This month, don’t be afraid to go within and to give a name to what you’re feeling, remembering that you are not the only one.

Leo And Leo Ascendant: Networking

Dear Leo, you’ll certainly enjoy this Gemini season! It will be a time to focus on the future, on your dreams and on the people who can help you achieve them.

Gemini occupies your 11th house of friends, benefactors, progress, and hopes for the future, so if you’ve been thinking about volunteering, joining a group, or taking up an innovative hobby (for example, crafting, astrology or programming), this is a good moment!

It’s also a time when you can invest more time and energy in the 11th house activities that you’re already doing, whether you’re having video chats with friends, meeting with a meditation group online, or learning Java at home. This month, think big and stay curious!

Virgo And Virgo Ascendant: Achievement

Dear Virgo, Gemini occupies your 10th house of career and public image. Even though the fickle energy of this sign might not always be your cup of tea, your career is one area where curiosity and versatility can take you far.

Think about your long-term goals in the following month, write them down to monitor your progress, and make a list of people you can approach to find out more about your domains of interest.

Alternatively, you can focus on your work relationships and on the way you express yourself in public, thinking about what kind of energy you want to project. This month, stay open to new perspectives at work and strengthen your relationships with your boss and co-workers!

Libra And Libra Ascendant: Exploration

Dear Libra, with Gemini in your 9th house of travel, study, and higher meanings, you’re being called on an adventure this month!

Embark on an inner or an outer journey and stay curious about what the Universe has in store for you (while also staying safe). Use the inquisitive energy of this sign to find out new things in your domain of interest, to research esoteric info, or to expertly handle publishing matters.

Networking can be the perfect way to gain new knowledge! It’s a good idea to keep your thinking flexible and look for examples and evidence no matter what you’re studying at this time. If you’re unsure about something, you can talk to a teacher or to a spiritual guide, asking for clarification. In the following month, expand your horizons and bring more optimism in your life!

Scorpio And Scorpio Ascendant: Depth

Dear Scorpio, Gemini in your 8th house of sexuality and transformation talks about forbidden knowledge, an intense mental connection with your partner, psychology, and conversations from another world.

This month, delve deep into your psyche through therapy or self-therapy, shadow work, and spiritual practice, searching for information as you uncover deeper layers of your mind.

Get curious in bed, perhaps finding new things you enjoy with your partner. This is also a month when you can uncover meaningful information about your ancestors and your (mental, spiritual, material) inheritance, research business matters, or join finances with someone else. 

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Ascendant: Cooperation

Dear Sagittarius, Gemini season brings a focus on the area of relationships and partnerships for you.

The best way to use the energy of this versatile sign is to focus on your connections with others, finding new ways to reach the middle ground and to share fun moments with loved ones.

Perhaps you can do something different with your partner, such as taking up a new hobby or going to a course together.

It’s also a good time for relationship talks and negotiations of any kind. This extends to work partnerships as well! Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, imagine how it is to be them, and think of all the ways they’re currently making your life better- all while staying realistic about the level of commitment that the relationship needs.

Capricorn And Capricorn Ascendant: Practical Life

Dear Capricorn, your Gemini energy is best put to use in the area of work and health.

The following month is a great time for research and networking in your domain- the more open and curious you are, the faster the progress. You can read about new methods and ideas in your line of work or bring more lightheartedness in the office.

When it comes to health, honor your inner Gemini by reading books on healing, the power of the mind, or the mind-body connection… and make a daily schedule that includes work as well as fun and laughter. This month, work with the power of your thoughts to improve your daily life!

Aquarius And Aquarius Ascendant: Creativity

Dear Aquarius, Gemini energy is all about fun and games for you! With this easygoing sign in your 5th house of romance and creativity, the following month is a great opportunity to mingle, flirt, find new ways of expressing your affection, and invest in your hobbies.

For you, relationships need a mental connection, so use texting, letters, word games, the art of conversation to get closer to your partner. It’s a good time to live, laugh, let go as you let your inner child loose! Depending on your cup of tea, crafts, teaching, writing or public speaking can be avenues worth exploring in the following month. Stay curious about your interests and enjoy the ride!

Pisces And Pisces Ascendant: Roots

Dear Pisces, Gemini occupies your 4th house of home and security. For you, the feeling of home is something versatile, so make the best out of what you have in the following month and create a safe space for yourself, a place where you can relax, laugh, read and get silly.

It’s a good time to strengthen your bond with family members; perhaps you could chat with your parents more often or catch up with a distant relative.

Gemini is the journalist and the 4th house is where we store our emotions, so try writing about your feelings or talking things out with someone close! This month, stay curious about your inner world, your past, and about what you need to feel safe.

Aries And Aries Ascendant: Words, Words, Words

Dear Aries, with Gemini in your 3rd house of communication, the best way to use the energy of this sign is to manifest its curiosity, wittiness, and versatility in your daily interactions!

Be open to the new people you’re meeting, express your ideas with honesty and flexibility, and don’t be afraid to take the role of a teacher sometimes.

The following month is great for discovering new information and sharing your thoughts with the world, so you might want to pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read for a while or resume writing your novel. You can also think about revamping your social media accounts. This month, learn, laugh, and keep things light!

Taurus And Taurus Ascendant: Abundance

Dear Taurus, the following month will have you focusing on your finances and resources, as well as on your relationship with your body.

Use the inquisitive energy of the Twins to reflect on your values and your priorities, making adjustments to your business plans or teaming up with someone on a project.

The following month is a great time to pick up a new skill or to invest time in learning more about your current line of work. Get smart when it comes to making money!

Another idea is to stay curious about your body, your senses, the things that bring you pleasure, seeing them from a slightly detached perspective as you keep choosing what feels good.

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