How to take care of your Crystals?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 20 2018

Mother Nature gives us many gifts during our lives. We are so happy to be here and live on this beautiful blue planet that takes such good care of us. One of the gifts that Mother Nature gives us is powerful crystals and gemstones. They come directly from Earth, charged with powerful vibes. Each crystal is unique and very important, resonating with different vibrations. As you might already know, everything is vibrating at a different frequency. Each gemstone emits different frequencies of vibrations. Some of them protect us, some of them help us heal and some of them help us and guide us through life. Luck, emotional balance, grounding, protection, creativity, inspiration, resolve – everything can be achieved if you have the right crystal to help you with your goals. If you are wondering which crystal you should use click here & here to check our crystal guides.

But, one of the more important matters is, even if you team up with the right crystals and gemstones, like anything in life, you should learn how to take good care of your crystals. The most important 3 things to know how to do are: cleansing, reenergizing and storing your crystals.

1. Crystal Cleansing

Salt – Leaving your crystals for 4h-24h in sea salt will definitely help you cleanse your crystals properly. If you think that your crystals need more intense cleansing you can leave them for 4 days in sea salt. However be careful because some crystals can be damaged by salt.

Sage – Smudging your crystals with sage is one of the best ways to cleanse your crystals. The cleansing properties of sage are awesome. If you need some sage click here.

Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is well known for its natural cleansing properties. By teaming it up with your crystals you are offering them protection.

2. Reenergizing

Leaving your crystals to reenergize for a couple of hours of sunlight or moonlight is the next step after you have cleansed them. Leaving them to restore their natural vibes, is the best thing you can do. Since they come from Mother Nature, you can even bury them in the earth and leave them for a couple of hours to restore them.

3. Storing Crystals

The best thing you can do for your crystals is stored them properly. Dry, clean spaces accompanied by acid- free environment is perfect for them. If you store them in a box, plastic is best, and try not to line your box with cotton since it will stick to your crystals.

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