How to choose a Pendulum?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 16 2019

Pendulums – the little spiritual tool that holds the power to connect you to the divine aspects of yourself. If you were trying to pick one up and discover all the answers to your future, we bet you hit a wall when you started doing your research. With so many types of pendulums, you can’t find the answers that you are looking for because you are wondering how to choose a pendulum.

Don’t worry though, we will walk you through all the possible ways of choosing a pendulum, and you will pick one up for yourself in no time!

How to choose a Pendulum?

Choosing a pendulum depends on many things, but the most important one is the purpose for which you are picking up a pendulum. The question that you need to ask yourself is whether you want to heal yourself or reveal the answers hidden in your subconscious mind?

Wooden Pendulum

Wooden Pendulums are simpler than the crystal pendulums. They are plain looking, but since they are made of wood they are more reliable. Unlike crystal pendulums, wood pendulums aren’t affected by the energies surrounding them, they are only affected by the energy of the one that is holding the pendulum. While they are more reliable for getting answers, they don’t help too much when it comes to healing yourself.


5 Best Pendulums for Getting Answers

1. Wooden Pendulum – The most reliable answer searching tool out there. If you want to be sure for the answers that you are looking for, pick up a wooden pendulum and be at ease.

2. Amethyst Pendulum Necklace – Amethyst, the bridge to the divine aspects of yourself. If you are having a harder time to connect to your subconscious mind, then pick up an Amethyst Pendulum.

3. Metal Om Pendulum - Whatever your question, whatever your troubles your subconscious mind knows the answers best. And the Metal Om Pendulum knows how to tell you the answers.

4. Clear Quartz Pendulum Merkaba - Its power for amplifying energy will detect even the slightest hints that your subconscious mind might be giving out. Perfect for finding answers!

5. Sephoroton Rainbow Moonstone – What better way to find the answers than with a Moonstone? The sharp end and the build of the pendulum will help you reveal all the mysteries, hidden within yourself.

Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulums are more complex. The simpler ones are made out of different crystals, and the more complex ones contain different crystals, specifically chosen to heal you. The main thing that you must know before choosing a crystal pendulum is what type of crystal it is made of, and what kind of energy that crystal puts out. Or, you can trust your intuition and pick a random one – sometimes your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need, even before you know it. While crystal pendulums are better for healing yourself that doesn’t mean that they can’t reveal answers for you. With proper care and cleansing, crystal pendulums can also give you reliable answers.

5 Best Pendulums for Healing

1. Rose Quartz Pendulum – If you are looking to dissolve blockages of your Heart Chakra, or if you have been having love, self-love or self-acceptance issues, Rose Quartz is the Pendulum you need.

2. Shungite Dragon Pendulum – If you are looking for overall protection and cleansing, Shungite is the right choice for you. It’s one of our favorites to work with!

3. Blue Onyx Reiki Pendulum – If you want to heal your body, soul and mind this Reiki Pendulum is what you have been looking for all along. The additional chakra crystals at the end combined with the Blue Onyx will help you restore peace in your life.

4. Clear Quartz Pendulum – Clear Quartz is one of the purest crystals that will help you heal, and find out the answers that you have been looking for. Its power for amplifying energy will detect even the slightest hints that your subconscious mind might be giving out.

5. Orgone Red Jasper Pendulum – If you are looking for a pendulum that will help you stay grounded, and say goodbye to anxiety and depression – you have found the right one! We love the Orgone Pendulum because it also protects from EMF!

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