Astro Alert: Full Moon In Aquarius Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 03 2020

The world has changed since January when we had our last Aquarius New Moon. This month, the zodiac’s trademark rebel makes a comeback through a revolutionary Full Moon that heightens our desire for change and makes way for the unexpected.

Aquarius is the sign that refuses to follow the leader and starts its own faction instead. He’s unconcerned with how others might see his unorthodox behavior and determined to make his own rules. On this Full Moon, each of us will connect to his Aquarius side (we all have this sign somewhere in our chart), so expect heightened emotions and impulsivity, and itching desire for something new, a tendency to want to go our own way and to join groups and projects that match our values instead of making choices to fit in. 

The royal Leo Sun opposes a progressive Aquarius Moon, so we might notice both tendencies in ourselves and around us: living the moment versus long-term planning, living from the heart versus relying on the brain, fitting in versus being unapologetically authentic.

We’re called to find the middle ground, to join heart and mind, to find ways to express our uniqueness while staying aware that we’re part of a bigger community where each one of us has something valuable to offer. Wanting to fit in while still possessed by a powerful impulse to rebel for authenticity sake is an Aquarian paradox that might resonate with us at this time.

Since it’s a Full Moon, we can have new insights about old matters linked to groups, friendships, social initiatives, hopes for the future, technology, innovation, or astrology. We can also see results or reach a meaningful point in what we’ve started in these areas since January.

The trademark of this Full Moon is an exact square with revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, so we can expect sudden insights and shifts in our lives when it comes to our friendships, our allegiances, the need for belonging, and the equally pressing need to be ourselves no matter what. 

The Moon-Uranus square can bring tension, difficulty falling asleep, irritability or aloofness, so it’s good to take our time and to do our own thing for a while, especially since those of us with planets around the 12th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius might have a lot on our plate these days. 

This Full Moon activates three fixed signs: creative Leo, progressive Aquarius, and steady Taurus, signs known for their stubbornness and attachment to their way of perceiving reality. If we’re feeling stuck or misunderstood, it could help to see things from a different perspective. We can activate the missing fixed sign, Scorpio, the one who faces their shadows and emerges from the depths with a greater understanding.

We could transform feelings of frustration, isolation, self-righteousness, or moral superiority into openness and a deep understanding of how the “badness” that we see around us always comes from a pain that needs to be healed. We all want to belong and we all want to stand out, and these things only serve to unite us more.

All in all, this Full Moon is an electric one and it requires something from us: the courage to find a change in our lives, however small (a trine with enterprising Mars in Aries will have our backs), the adaptability to welcome the unexpected and the heart to make a shift out of loyalty to ourselves, to our values and to our vision.

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