The fourth house- To build a home

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 15 2018

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey through the astrology houses. We have reached the fourth astrology house. This is where you build your home. And we are not talking about a house, but more about the connection with other people - family, friends, ancestors and of course mother nature. It is often said that with the first astrology house you are born, and you are establishing yourself as a person on this world. In the fourth astrology house, you are deepening the connections with your tribe. You are meeting your people. The people that will always be there for you.

The fourth house marks the development of a new type of identity: the family identity. If in the first house, we became inhabitants of the world, in the fourth house, we meet our tribe. This stage in the journey speaks about our family, our ancestors, our homeland and our nation: in short, the past, whose century-old machinations have made our existence possible. Here, the child returns home after a long day of fun and games in the neighborhood and finds safety and comfort in the arms of his parents. 

Although astrologers can’t agree whether the fourth house represents the mother or the father, we can assume that it stands for the parent who spent the most time at home with us. Feeling safe and nurtured are crucial for a healthy fourth house. Unfortunately, this house also holds our childhood trauma and unfulfilled needs. As adults, it becomes our responsibility to nurture ourselves and to establish a strong “soul base” where all our wounded inner children can heal and grow. This is why the fourth house not only represents the physical home, but also the pillar of our personality, our inner safe space. On a more mundane tone, this is the house that deals with real estate, our country of origin and traditions. 

Look at the sign and the planets in your fourth house to see how you experienced your childhood, how you relate to your mother or your father, how you feel safe and nurtured in the world or what your ideal home looks like.

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