The Importance Of Feminine Energy

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 11 2022

"Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman."

-Margaret Fuller


Have you ever wondered what feminine energy is all about? Feminine, much like masculine energy is a type of energy our body contains. Often, people mistake their meanings because there are a lot of misconceptions beacuse of their names. Feminine and masculine energy are often discussed, but the most devastating misunderstanding is that they are connected to gender, and our biological structure.

In reality, energy is genderless, and the words feminine and masculine are just expressions passed down to us from ancient lore. You can be a woman, and yet the masculine energy within you can dominate, and you can be a man and the feminine energy within you can dominate – it has nothing to do with gender! Then, what does it have to do with?

Energy-wise you have countless energetical pathways in your body. They are usually split into three main, large energy sections in your body:

  • Feminine Energy – left side of your body – represented by the Moon.
  • Chakra Energy – the center of your body
  • Masculine Energy – right side of your body – represented by the Sun.

    Just think about it like this, do chakras have a gender? Not very likely, right? We never say this chakra is a girl and this chakra is a boy, because gender doesn't apply to energy. So, now that we have cleared up that misunderstanding, what's all the fuss about feminine energy, and why is it important?

    What Is Feminine Energy All About?

    How To Connect With Feminine Energy

    Feminine energy is one of the three main sections of energy within your body. Feminine energy is all about receiving energy from the universe, enhancing intuition, connecting and understanding your emotions.

    It’s about your receptive side, and how you accept and transform energy that you receive. These energetical pathways are located on the left side of your body, and they are represented by the Moon.

    In astrology, the Moon is a planet, and it’s the planet that represents your emotional makeup, how you nurture yourself, your relationship with your feminine energy, and your needs. It flows with steady, gentle, nourishing energy.

    Why Is Feminine Energy Important?


    Feminine energy is the core of our existence because it helps us in different major ways when we follow our spiritual path, our very own magical spark. First off, it helps in connecting to your intuition and enhancing it. When your feminine energy is well-balanced, you will notice that your intuition is stronger than ever.

    Furthermore, feminine energy helps us to process our emotions. By helping us connect with our inner selves,we can harness a deeper connection with our emotional side - all the past and present emotions which we harbor. Each of these emotions, whether it brings us joy or sadness, they make sense and add on to our unique spirit when you are in touch with your feminine energy.

    And finally, through it's connection of the Moon, it helps to bring out gentle, nourishing energy to ourselves. By helping us nourish kindness to ourselves, our inner feminine energy helps in gaining deeper understanding of ourselves, without judgement, thus helping us accept every single part of ourselves.

    Needless to say, feminine energy is the key to self-exploration and self-acceptance, both major cornerstones in spiritual growth and inner balance.

    How To Connect With Your Feminine Energy?

    Why Is Feminine Energy Important?

    There are a lot of ways to connect and balance your inner feminine energy. Here are our favorite ways:

    Meditate With Crystals

    By connecting and meditating with your crystals, allowing the energy frequencies of the crystals to interact with your own life energy, the crystals can improve the flow of feminine energy in your body, increase the vibes you send off into the universe, dissolve and heal energy blockages in your body, cleanse and remove low-frequency vibes as well as offer protection from low-frequency vibes. So, which crystals are the best to enhance your inner feminine energy?

    Promote And Nourish Feminine Energy With Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is a beautiful healing stone, often used when in need of using your inner feminine energy to nourish yourself with self-love and self-acceptance.
    Some keywords for Rose Quartz include love, self-love, self-acceptance, passion, nourishment, and well-being. Is you are seeking to journey inwards and awaken self-love as well as accept all the pieces of yourself, then Rose Quartz will bring you profound insight.

    Although it radiates with gentle energy, it’s energy is more than enough power to help you unwind all negative patterns and blockages that keep you from loving yourself genuinely. If you are looking to find your soulmate, then Rose Quartz is perfect because it simply attracts love in all aspects of your life.

    Rose Quartz is also an excellent crystal for helping you nourish and strengthen your current love relationships. It offers insight into the deeper issues, understanding, and acceptance when used to balance a love relationship between loved ones. Working with Rose Quartz long term, as well as wearing it will ultimately help you become gentler, kinder and more loving.

    Enhance Feminine Energy With Moonstone

    Some keywords for Moonstone include clarity, feminine energy, intuition, connection and spirit. If you are seeking more clarity in life, and gaining a better perspective in life, then connecting with Moonstone regularly or wearing it can help you do so. If you are seeking to harmonize and stimulate the feminine energy within, then meditating with Moonstone is a profound way to do it.

    Moonstone is also known as a crystal that boosts spiritual growth and intuition which is why using a moonstone pendulum is an amazing way to connect with your intuition and get some answers. Keeping a bit of moonstone in your bedroom can also help you boost inner passion. Wearing a bit of moonstone can also help you maintain balance of your feminine energy daily. Picking up a Moonstone pendulum is a great way to enhance intuition as well, which is also an amazing way to enhance the feminine energy within.

    Balance Feminine Energy With Rhodonite

    Rhodonite is a beautiful healing stone to work with when you need to direct your inner feminine energy to help you achieve emotional balance.

    Some keywords for Rhodonite include calmness, emotional healing, forgiveness, nourishment and nurturing love. If you are seeking to dive deep inside yourself and work on healing your emotional wounds, then Rhodonite can bring profound insight and nourishment.

    Keep in mind that Rhodonite deals with your emotional side mostly, and although in a thought process it might be unclear what is going on, on an emotional level, you will experience healing. It’s not uncommon to feel strong emotions while working with Rhodonite, because of the delicate nature of healing emotional wounds. Meditating with Rhodonite can help you achieve a state of inner calmness.

    Rhodonite is also an amazing stone for balancing yourself and achieving calmness - especially when your emotions are completely all over the place. Rhodonite is an amazing gentle yet strong stone that can help you open up yourself for forgiveness, as well as giving yourself the love that you deserve.

    Get In Touch With Your Sensual Side With Feminine Energy

    Balancing and enhancing feminine energy is a beautiful healing experience, ultimately helping you to get closer to creating your own damn magic. Once your feminine energy is in tune, it's much easier to awaken inner sensuality, and get more in sync with your emotions, body, sensations and experiences.

    A great way to balance your inner feminine, especially if you feel like you need extra help in balancing it, is to use a variety of spiritual healing tools to get in touch with your sensual side.

    Enhance Intuition

    Speaking of feminine energy and intuition, a great way to connect with your inner feminine is to enhance your intuition. A great way to do so, besides working with a Moonstone pendulum is also to meditate with Amethyst, pick up some intuition cards, or wear a bit of rainbow fluorite or some Lapis Lazuli.

    Take Time To Reflect

    The most important part of enhancing your feminine side is to take some time for yourself every day, reflect on what happened, and on your emotions. You should take time to reflect and understand yourself.

    Be Spontaneous

    If you feel like doing something unusual, or if you get an invitation to take a chance and do something you usually wouldn’t do, then be a little spontaneous and do something outside of your comfort zone. A little dancing can also go a long way to get your feminine energy within flowing.

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