Everything, We Do - Thought and Action Matters!

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Posted on December 14 2017

The most important thing we can do while we are alive on the Earth is to GIVE LOVE ❤️

No human or animal controls what environment, continents or situation they may be born into .The truth is, EGO has created unimaginable acts and conditions on this Earth that never existed and couldn't exist without the creation of the EGO. Since the creation of the ego, any human/animal/plant and soil can be born into any condition affected and influenced by the ego, that currently exists.

Do you sometimes feel like your acts don't matter?

How you choose to treat any one or thing MATTERS MORE than we could fathom y'all !!We are born vulnerable to our environment. That is why when we help any person, rehabilitate any wounded animal, plant or soil, take a being out of a bad condition and bring them to a better condition - we are literally creating GOOD, LOVE, HEALING, HEAVEN for this being that may have never existed for them if it wasn't for YOUR 1 act. A smile to a random stranger, may be the only smile they receive all day or week.. We don't know what circumstances any being as little as an ant and as big as a rainforest may be dealing with. Guys, everything that you do matters. Humans are the creators of heaven and hell on Earth. Our actions add to every beings circumstance either closer to heaven or further away. We think heaven is waiting for us, but who says heaven can’t be created on Earth?. If there is no Earth or life there can be no heaven . We as humans have to start realizing that every single one of us has a responsibility to eliminate the negative, harsh conditions that exist. We each have our own unique talents, individual to each one of us, given to us specifically to carry out this purpose !Please always give LOVE, especially when it's hardest to, when you're the most afraid to, when you're furious or sad .


We have no right to hurt each other with our words and actions (although, we have become conditioned to naturally act reactively), for when we get upseat someone/thing or blame or are jealous - we add fuel to the darkness.

Please, let's add LIGHT wherever we can. LOVE everyone and thing even when you feel darkest!

About Our Guest Blogger, Nikeisha:  She didn't know why she was born seemingly so different than the rest, at first, but she what she did know for certain was that she was born in this world with a deep desire to heal the pain and darkness that exists. 



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