Everyone Has A Little Scorpio

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 26 2017

Did you know that everyone has a little Scorpio in them?  A Natal Chart in Astrology comprises of 12 sectors or houses, with all of the different signs governing its own particular sector. Everyone’s natal chart is a little different, as it is created based on your birthday, time and place, which is entirely unique to you.  Astrologers look to these houses to determine a bit more about your personality and to help you understand the upcoming trends or focuses in your life.  Today we want to talk to you about Scorpio, as the Sun is making its way from Libra into Scorpio this week.  Depending on where Scorpio is in your chart you will start to feel your focus shift to house it rules.  This house also gives you insight into where you have Scorpio tendencies.  Check out below for where Scorpio rules and let the passion, investigation and mystery roll!  If you know your Ascendant or Rising Sign be sure to read for that sign too!



Scorpio rules your 8th house of merging resources, Aries.  This includes the merging of your body, money and soul with the bodies, money and souls of others.  Heavy stuff, right?  Having Scorpio here makes you a spicy lover.  You appreciate devotion, loyalty and might come off a tensy bit possessive at times.  You can be stubborn in your love affairs and a tough negotiator when it comes to your money.  Speaking of money and assets, you might have the tendency to be secretive when it comes to your finances, and diligent about learning the motives of others helping your financial savvy.  If you’re looking for major soul transformation, it will more than likely come through your interactions with others especially when you’ve merged any of your resources with them.  



When it comes to long term relationships, business or romantic, Scorpio is the leader here.  It rules your 7th house of marriage, business partnerships, and open enemies.  All is fair in love and war for you, Taurus.  You are a loyal, devoted, and committed lover.  You yearn to know every part of your long term lover.  Beware of becoming overly possessive though, as having Scorpio here would increase your chances of being so.  Also, since this is the 7th house, there is a chance that if you are not this way, you will be deeply attracted to someone who is a Scorpio or have a lot of Scorpio influences in their chart.  You appreciate the mysterious lover, who is filled with depth and candor.  You value loyalty and if you don’t get it, you will strike back without our remorse.  



Having Scorpio ruling the 6th house can make you great at investigative or detective work, Gemini.  You have genuine love and interest in the details, and never miss a beat when you must deliver high-quality results at work.  Your coworkers will see you as ambitious, intelligent, and intuitive, with a side of mystery.  You make an excellent supervisor or team lead, as you understand the energy and mood of the team quickly.  Your strategic nature allows you to find a remedy or solution that makes everyone happy.  When it comes to your day to day habits, you tend to be disciplined, structured, and set in your ways, Gemini.  You don’t love a whole lot of change happening to your daily routine, so it’s important to keep it simple.  



When it comes to dating, Cancer, you need to know the details.  You will want to know as much about your potential beau as early as possible so you can determine if it’s a waste of time.  You don’t love to waste your time on people who aren’t worth it.  Having Scorpio rule your 5th house of love, children, fun and creativity, can make you a bit of a mystery to others.  You don’t let your walls down easily, preferring to know much more about the other person before you reveal yourself to them.  Your kids might nickname you the psychic as it seems you almost always know what they are up up to or are feeling before they even realize it.  You enjoy puzzles and mystery games, Cancer.  You love to investigate.  Also, you can get really creative when you tap into your zone, dive down deep into your subconscious.



You like to keep your home life on the DL, Leo.  You might have had a childhood worth writing about as many with Scorpio ruling their 4th house of home and upbringing do.  You are curious about your past and often are the go to family member on your heritage, ancestors and details on all your quirky relatives.  As for your current home, you keep it organized, tidy and private.  You either love to have tons of items around with memories of great moments, or you don’t keep many sentimental objects around preferring to keep those memories in the recesses of your mind.  You like dark, tonal decorations, appreciating fine wood pieces and leather couches.



Anyone ever tell you that you talk like a Scorpio, Virgo?  Well, when you have Scorpio ruling your 3rd house of communication, short distance travel and technology, that’s what happens.  You are direct, sharp and concise when communicating, Virgo.  You prefer to keep it simple and avoid sugar-coating anything.  You take no crap from anyone and are unafraid to call them out on their BS.  Be careful with coming across a little too strongly when conversing with others as sometimes a little charm can go a long way.  Learn to rely on your intuition on guiding you through conversations, as you have spidey senses when it comes to figuring out how others are thinking and feeling.  Also, you are a master detective, able to pull information out of even the most stone-cold person.  Use these skills for good, and you will find you can help many people unburden themselves with all sorts of ailings.



When it comes to negotiating your worth, Libra, you are a boss.  With Scorpio ruling your 2nd house of earned income and values, you have no issues going after what you want.  Your negotiation skills are on point when it comes time to secure a new job.  You have a knack for understanding all the details that contribute to the offer as well as understanding the position and say so that the person you are negotiating with has.  You also have a tendency to be secretive about your finances, Libra.  You have a fear that someone will try to use or abuse you in some way if they know too much about your money.  This fear also causes you to be overly possessive of your possessions, and stingy at times.  You must take caution and remember, what you give is what you get back.  



When Scorpio rules your 1st house, mystery is your thang!  You tend to be the dark, smoldering seducer hiding in the back of the club, patiently observing everything and everyone around you.  The first house rules how others view us and how we present ourselves to the world.  Others see you a secretive, passionate and possessive.  They fall into the mystery and curiosity in your eyes.  They will either stay very far away from you, fearing your will discover secrets they don’t want discovered or they will fall under your spell, knowing you will see in them what others are fearful of looking at.  You don’t mind coming off this way.  You prefer for others to be intimidated by you than not.  Plus, you don’t really love showing people all of you immediately, as they must earn insight into your life.  You’d prefer to observe and plot anyway, Scorpio.



On the outside you might come off as a fiery, free spirited, travel junkie and explorer, Sagittarius, but that’s not all of you, is it?  With Scorpio ruling your 12th house of the unconscious, self undoing and secrets, you have some things you quietly battle.  Perhaps it is just this that unconsciously drives your desire to explore and learn anything and everything you can about the world.  That, or it could be just a fear of experiencing the more painful emotions that come along with life.  Scorpio here brings a deep and rich inner life, one that you will take quite the energy to fully comb through.  You must strive to do the work here, allowing yourself to experience all of your emotions, the easy and the difficult ones.  For as it is aptly named, the house of self undoing is just that, the place where we get in our own way.  You must not hid all your emotions, aim to shine light on them, that is the only way to let them go.



Friendships are a tricky subject for you, Capricorn.  WIth Scorpio ruling the 11th house it makes you a strong believer of a tight, close knit circle of ride or die, lifetime homies.  You demand loyalty and trust in your friendships, as you put quite a bit of energy into developing them.  When a friend, disappoints you, it affects you to the core of your being and you must strive hard not to declare war with them.  You are also possessive of your friendships, sometimes developing jealousy if their attention wanes.  As a friend, you are a loyal, dedicated and an excellent listener.  You are great at intuiting your friends needs, anxieties and desires.  You can help to pull buried desires up for them, then help them strategize on how to manifest whatever they want.  You aim to be an amazing friend to few, but aren’t afraid to keep a larger pool of acquaintances around to help you climb the corporate ladder.  



You are cut out to excel at any career that requires investigation, research or analysis, Aquarius.  Scorpio rules your 10th house of career and professional honors, making you especially equipped with these skills.  You don’t mind being on a team, but your best work comes from projects where of the heavy lifting is spent solo, especially the strategic parts.  You enjoy falling down rabbit holes of questions, ones that you can tackle with innovative and out of the box ideas.  As a leader you are an intuitive boss, knowing the inner workings of your team, even the menial details.  You must beware of power-tripping through, as this placement is susceptible to having power struggles.  You are meant to hold positions of power, mystery and intensity.  Others might be intimidated by your natural authority and intensity.



Nothing compares to solving a great mystery for you, Pisces.  You love to learn about the world, the people in it, what they believe and what makes everything tick.  You are especially interested in the psyche and psychological makeup of people, wandering what makes us the same and what makes us different.  The placement of Scorpio ruling the 9th house of beliefs, foreign travel and education, makes you appreciative of exploration and learning, especially the darker or murkier sides of life.  You want to know all of the hidden matters of life, and may even teach others all about what you’ve learned.  In some capacity, you will be a lifelong student.  



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