Does Meditation Go Against my Religion?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 20 2017

There are many religions in the world today and I’m sure that there are many among you that read our articles that are from different religions or maybe not religious at all. Every now and again, I hear from someone that they was taught meditation was bad, that it goes against their religion and they were told they shouldn’t practice it.

Well, in my humble opinion, I really hope those out there who are battling this type of feedback don't allow them to miss out just another chance to get to know yourself better. While yes, there are certain types of Meditations that require addressing a god/goddess/deity most of them are not religious at all and do not require you breaking any important laws. Meditation is simply a technique that teaches us how to maintain our well-being. It’s a technique that can relieve the accumulated stresses from our everyday life. It helps us be happier and to love and appreciate the little things.  Isn't that what most religions strive for, anyway?

For example – while Meditating, you focus on your breathing, you focus on how blood is distributed through your body, calming your mind and all that noise that your mind is filled with during the day. For me, all religions teach us to love, help and respect each other at their core. But with today’s way of life, we simply forget about these things, the stress gets to us and often, we fail to love ourselves and others. Meditation techniques are a great way to relieve that stress, to appreciate the little things once more. When I meditate, I don’t even chant, sometimes that tingly feeling as the blood reaches to my fingertips, and giving my mind a little break is more than enough to remind me that life is good, to be grateful for it and to give off happiness in any way that I can.

Basically Meditation gives me strength and energy to accomplish all that any religion stands for. So don’t worry that you will betray your religion by calming your mind, you will only allow yourself to live by your religion – you will spread love and happiness and in return love and happiness will follow you back.



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