Crystals to Help You Let Go During The Full Moon

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 12 2019

The Moon is very powerful, and each cycle of the moon, reveals a new side of the moon, and by doing so the moon also reveals a new part of us. Each moon phase holds great importance because each moon phase is great for particular energies in our lives.

Whether it is starting something new, or re-evaluating things in life, there is always the optimal time to do so according to the moon phase. On the 14th September, a Full Moon is coming your way, and it’s time to let go! The Full Moon tends to bring closure, culmination, and clarity for us. It is also a time for releasing and cleansing. Here are the best crystals to help you let go during the Full Moon


If you have been locked in the same old patterns that bring you the same negative vibe results, then Malachite is the crystal that you need in your life. As a crystal for transformation, Malachite locates the emotional blockage and helps you resolve these issues. By dissolving negative patterns, and bringing the much needed positive change in your life, Malachite is truly like a personal guardian angel.


Because of its connection with the moon, moonstone is also often referred to as a mystical stone of destiny. It’s perfect for harnessing energy from the full moon and helping you release all the toxic vibes that are piled up within you. Plus, you can’t have a full moon ritual without some moonstone – right?


Amethyst was considered as a real treasure throughout history, often sold for the worth of a diamond. Ancient Romes were using it as a charm to protect from intoxication - they believed that if you drink from a cup with amethyst crystal the wine was made powerless to intoxicate. Today, we all know that Amethyst is your go-to crystal for any need – especially for relaxing and letting go. Which makes it perfect for crystal healing work during the full moon.

Smokey Quartz

If you are looking to ground yourself and finally dissolve those negative patterns, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. Once you program your Smoky Quartz with your intentions, it amplifies the energy of the light, letting it shimmer, ground and heal you in the process. It’s unique energy signature, gives off a serene, gentle frequency which is why Smoky Quartz is used for releasing energy, and letting go – perfect for a full moon ritual.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian radiates with power and purity and won’t let you lie to yourself anymore. With Snowflake Obsidian, you won’t fall back into your old patterns anymore, and you will stop being a slave to your thoughts. Harsh, but eye-opening, Snowflake Obsidian will also help you see the true value of things and people around you. That makes it a perfect stone for reflecting upon your life to find out any toxic patterns and then releasing the energy during the full moon.

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