Word Of The Week - Crystal Healing Types

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 18 2019

Crystal healing is slowly but surely becoming one of the most used alternative healing methods. And for a good reason. Crystals are minerals that come from Mother Earth and hold different energy frequencies that when used properly, can help you lead a better life. Crystal healing can help you heal emotional & energetical blockages, and help you to overall improve your health. However, to heal yourself with crystals there are many ways to do so. Here are some awesome ways to use crystals and heal yourself with them:

Wearing Crystals

Crystal jewelry is mesmerizing to look at and combine with your newest outfit. However, even though crystal jewelry looks amazing, it also feels amazing too. The crystals that you wear also promote high-frequency vibes, and protect you from low-frequency vibes. So, the next time you pick up your crystal jewelry piece, ask yourself how you would like to feel before you pick one!

Carrying Them

If you are not that into showing off your crystals on yourself, and you would rather they work their magic without other people knowing about it, you can also carry your crystals – in your pocket, bra, purse, whichever you prefer!

Crystal Grids

Although you can use each crystal individually, crystals can also work together as a group for a more specific purpose. Tumbled crystal stones, natural points, and puffed hearts are perfect for building crystal grids.

Gem Water

Crystals contain within themselves different kind of energy that can be transferred to the water. It all depends on the type of crystal. In a way, crystals help to cleanse the drinking water from any kind of negative energy and help to restore her once lost core as an energy receiver. Cleansed water that has been treated with crystals has a higher level of vitality and it even tastes different, somewhat cleaner. Besides cleansing it, the mineral crystals share their natural energy with the water and they leave a unique imprint on our very life force.

Placing Them On Your Body

While you are meditating you can also lay down and place crystals on specific key points on your body to improve the flow of life force. You can also use crystal wands to dissolve blockages in your body and promote a better flow of life force in your body.

Improving Sleep

Some crystals like Amethyst, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Lepidolite simply radiate with soothing and nourishing energy. They are perfect for improving your quality of sleep and falling asleep faster. All you need is to place them under your pillow!



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