Consistency is Key in the Successful Career in Creativity

Written by Raina


Posted on February 22 2016

There are many different factors that can contribute to your success in your creative career.  Building a successful creative career takes a lot of hard work, passion, and authenticity.  You can promote your work to your audience through many different platforms including social media sites.  However there is one main ingredient that is undeniably essential, consistency.  

If you’ve found your niche in your career and you’ve mastered your unique creative purpose, then you already know that you are on your way to a successful career.  The key to maintaining momentum is consistency.  Consistency by definition is reliability or uniformity of successive results or events.  Applying consistency to all that you do to promote your career and produce quality work will solidify your connection to your audience.  Eric V. Holtzclaw (2012) discusses the power of consistency and names 5 important rules:

  1. Consistency allows for measurement.

  2. Consistency creates accountability.

  3. Consistency establishes your reputation.

  4. Consistency makes you relevant.

  5. Consistency maintains your message.

These are all very important and helpful rules that validate why consistency is the key.  Remember to be consistent in your work among remaining inspired to create unique creative work.  



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