How to cleanse your home and body from negative vibes

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 08 2018

In this modern era, you are quite the busy bee. Balancing between work, family, studying and having an actual life it is all very exhausting. And then, stress, anxiety and insomnia, the trio from hell invite themself into your life. Sure, sometimes they get the better off you, but if you have been in a love triangle with them for a while it’s time for some serious cleansing. It’s time to kick those pesky negative vibes out, for good. It’s time to cleanse yourself spiritually and kick those vibes away. It’s time to sage it up and get ready for a new, more positive, joyful chapter of your life, filled with magic.

What is spiritual cleansing?

In nature, everything gives off a certain frequency. That means that we are all beings filled up with energy. When we say that negative vibes might be impacting you, we are in fact telling you that you are sending out low-frequency vibes in the universe. And as you know, what you give comes back to you. Sure, everyone has hard and difficult times in your life. But, if you are stuck in the same place, something is definitely off. In spirituality, cleansing is the art of purifying yourself from all the negative impacts of the spirit. In other terms, cleansing can help you to remove the disturbances to your energy, letting you to finally send out high level, positive, joyful frequencies into the universe. In reality, you come in contact with so many different frequencies that you can’t help but be affected by both, high and low-level frequencies. And that is completely normal. But, staying in the same low-frequency hood is not. So, we are here to try and help you spark up your magic by cleansing yourself and your home.

How to cleanse your body from negative vibes?

Take better care of yourself – If you have been running around, trying to please everyone else and no taking good care of yourself no wonder low-frequency vibes are getting to you. Let’s face it – you are exhausted. It is okay to be kind, and give to someone else, but don’t forget to share some of that kindness to yourself. And we are not only talking about being kinder to yourself. When was the last time you ate well, slept well or had a workout session? Taking better care of your body, health is also a very important aspect of your life. Take good care of yourself and those pesky negative vibes will be banished from your body in no time.

Use a spell kit Spell kits are our encouragement kits. They help you to manifest the change that you want in your life. And they are also excellent in helping you attract high-frequency vibes. That’s right! When you use the spell kits, there is no more space in your life for low-frequency vibes. That means that they cleanse and protect from low-frequency vibes. And the best part is, you can choose from a variety of spell kits here.

Take a bath – There is nothing better than a nice, long relaxing bath. The very act of taking a bath signifies the cleansing of the body. That is why every time you take a bath, you automatically feel better. If you really want to cleanse your body the right way then you should add sea salt and Himalayan salt in your water. The salts will start evaporating from the heat, and by inhaling them you will cleanse both, outwards and inwards. 

Crystal protection – Consider to pair up with a crystal buddy to not only cleanse yourself from negative vibes but also ward them off. We suggest that if you want some luck you pair up with aventurine pendant or if you want some hardcore protection then choose clear quartz pendants. 

How to cleanse your mind from negative vibes?

Change your perspective – Remember, in your life you are in charge. All the energy and information that you come in contact with, you decide whether they will or will not affect you. You are the filter for your thoughts, and if you stop mindlessly accepting everything that has been offered to you, your life will change drastically. After all, your subconscious mind is a powerful tool, but it can’t decide on itself. You make the decisions. So, choose to be happy. Choose high-frequency vibes and cleanse yourself from the negative vibes!

Love yourself – Loving and accepting yourself, doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But, once you accept yourself and nourish yourself with the self-love that you deserve, trust us, there will be no place in your life for low-frequency vibes!

Don’t BS yourself, be responsible – As we said above, you are the one in charge of your own life. It’s time to hit yourself with the hard truth – if you are blaming everyone else for everything that has happened to you, you might be the source of negativity in your life. It’s not enough just to cleanse yourself, but also adapt and be more responsible for your own life. It’s time to accept the truth and stop playing the victim in your life.

How to cleanse your home from negative vibes?

Clean your home – If you have some piled up stuff in your home, then that cluster might be interrupting the energy flow. No wonder you feel refreshed after you clean up. So, what are you waiting for? Clean up your home and bring some positive vibes to it. Also, throw out everything you don’t use or need. After all, every object in your home gives off a different frequency, which means - the less the better.

Feng Shui it – If you want to take cleaning up to the next level and ensuring maximum energy flow it’s time for some beginner feng shui tips. Check our guides here.
Use crystals – As we mentioned before, crystals are excellent if you want to ward off and cleanse negative vibes from your home. The top two crystals for protection and cleansing that we use are black tourmaline and clear quartz. But, there are a lot more out there. Check out our crystal guides and cleanse your home.

Use Sage – No matter what you do, the most effective way to cleanse your home from negative vibes is by using sage. Not only does sage cleanse negative vibes, but it also purifies the air, your body and helps in warding off unwanted thoughts. 

What is the best sage for cleansing?

Sage is one of the oldest herbs that has been used ever since the dawn of time in all corners of the world. It’s one of the most often used tools for cleansing yourself, your home, workspace and even protecting it from those itchy vibes that you might have been picking up. Out of all the sage types out there though, the best one to use, confirmed by many experts is White Californian Sage. We also use it in our spell kits because we believe that quality is the most important when it comes to cleansing yourself.

Where to buy sage for cleansing?

Now that you know and understand how important sage is for your overall well-being and in the process of cleansing yourself and home, you are probably wondering where you could buy it. Here at MLMS, we have the best White Californian Sage for you to use in your cleansing sessions. Not only that, but we also have a special Sage Cleansing Kit, equipped with all the information of the cleansing process. You can buy sage here. 

We hope that we have helped you with this guide.

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