Chakras 101 - First Chakra: The Root Chakra – Muladhara

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 06 2017

Physical Location: The bottom of the spine, where the tailbone is located

Color: Red

Element: Earth

The first Chakra is part of the first three Chakras which represent the Chakras of Matter. These Chakras are more physical in nature. As the name itself says- the Root Chakra is the foundation of all the other Chakras and it comes as no surprise since its element is Earth.  When the energy flows through this Chakra center different kinds of emotions are felt and most of them are about feeling stable and anchored in reality. Even in astrology, the earth zodiac signs are the most down to earth and stable people.

Also, most people feel secure and calm which makes them a little bolder. That makes them accept new challenges more easily and allows them to feel confident while tackling new challenges. Who knew that one energy center can have such an important role in our life, right?

When basic survival needs like food and shelter are threatened this chakra can be blocked.

Some symptoms of imbalance in the Root Chakra are:

·         Excessive negativity, cynicism

·         Eating disorders

·         Greed, avarice

·         Illusion

·         Excessive feeling of insecurity, living in survival mode constantly

If you notice any of these, you’ll know on which Chakra to focus during Meditation. 

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