Book of the Week - We don’t die by Sandra Champlain

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 26 2018

Hello everyone!

How are you today? Are you hungry for some more magical book recommendations? We have an amazing book for you that was recommended by our followers on Instagram. We are talking about – We Don’t Die by Sandra Champlain. This book is a little different than our other book recommendations. Have you ever thought about death? Does the thought of it terrify you? It is a common fear among people, to be scared of death. But, what if you don’t actually die? What if you continue growing?

These are just some of the questions Sandra Champlain raises in her book – We Don’t Die. Like everyone, she had an unease when it came to death. The fear of everything ending, and not doing everything you want in your lifetime served Champlain as an inspiration. Her questions needed answers, and she did start a ruthless research for 15 years to see if there was an afterlife and find proof for it. And she did! She found many shreds of evidence that can transform your whole perspectives when it comes to life and what comes after it. She really did her research to show you that even beyond death, you will still grow and evolve, more than you ever imagined. Champlain shows you how irrational fear of death can be, and how everything you thought about it was probably wrong. Definitely an interesting read that can make you think about your life and perceptions about it.

Physical death is a transitional step in the total life process. The soul, which does not die, having finished with the Earthly body, moves to a higher level of life, where it grows under greatly enhanced circumstances.

Sandra Champlain, We Don't Die: A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death

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