6 Best Don Miguel Ruiz Books

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 13 2020

Hello everyone!

Are you ready to dive into another reading adventure? Today we are sharing with you the best books by one of our favorite authors of all times – Don Miguel Ruiz. Some of these books are written but Don Miguel Ruiz the senior, and some are written by his son – Miguel Ruiz Jr.

In fact, the Ruiz family has written a lot of books about Toltec wisdom and helping people all over the world to better understand themselves, and to grow, and to manifest and see the magic in this amazing world. These are truly life changing books that we have stumbled upon, and we are so grateful that we read them! Here are our top 6 Don Miguel Ruiz Books that we simply adore:

1. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

One of the biggest blockages on the path to our overall growth is actually the way we limit ourselves without even realizing we do. Sometimes the limits we impose on ourselves are so tight that there is no place for joy or happiness in your life – only suffering and self-punishment.

And that’s a poor way to live. In this amazing book, Miguel Ruiz explains how we limit ourselves, how not to do it, how to attain self-respect and self-love, and how to stop bs-ing ourselves. It’s such a profound read because it can open your eyes towards understanding yourself, and living a better life overall.

Whatever happens around you, don't take it personally... Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.

Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

2. The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide To Self Mastery

This amazing book was written by the son of Don Miguel Ruiz, and it doesn’t only add a fifth agreement, but it also brings clarity to the previous agreements. Although the four agreements are a masterpiece and are essential to know before you go onto the fifth agreement, the first book is a little harder to understand and grasp.

However, in the fifth agreement, a lot of notions are cleared up and it’s easier to understand not only the meaning of the five agreements, but also how to apply them, and how to clear out your personal debris. It’s an amazing book to read! Definitely pick it up!

You are here just to be, for no reason. You have no mission except to enjoy life, to be happy. The only thing you need is just to be the real you. Be authentic. Be the presence. Be happiness. Be love. Be joy. Be yourself; that’s the main point. That’s wisdom.


3. The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship

This book focuses on romantic relationships and stories and metaphors allow us to see a new, more realistic perspective on our overall relationship. I really enjoyed reading it since it has a soft tone and it contains a landmine of wisdom. For example, Mister Ruiz explains how important it is to love yourself and to be happy with yourself so you can have a profound romantic relationship.

And in reality, it’s true. No matter how much love can you give to your partner, if you don’t love yourself your relationship won’t work simply because on a subconscious level you believe you don’t deserve to be loved. Mister Ruiz uses the three teachings of the Toltec – Awareness, Transformation, and Love to show us that our fears and misplaced expectations can only do harm to our relationships. It was such a great book to read, true to the point, and emotionally and thought challenging.

...Nothing that your partner does is personal. Your partner is dealing with her own garbage. If you don't take it personally, it will be so easy for you to have a wonderful relationship with your partner

― Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship

4. The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World

One of the things that we struggle the most with, and we don’t even notice it is about how we get attached to things and people. In fact, those attachments that we form, without even being aware of are one of the biggest sources of struggle and suffering in the modern world.

Through the Toltec teachings, Miguel dives deep into how attachments are formed, how we struggle with them, and how to use that understanding to improve ourselves. It’s truly an amazing, profound book that can change your life - it definitely changed ours!

This is what freedom is: the ability to enjoy and be exactly who you are without suppressing yourself in the form of judgment.

Miguel Ruiz Jr., The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World

5. The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz Jr.

One of the most often discussed issues that Ruiz talks about often in his books is our personal and collective dreams. In a way, he explains the concept that because we don’t want to face reality we often make little bubbles, in which we confine ourselves and in which we spend our most lives in.

The multitude of such personal bubble dreams creates the big collective dream – a much larger bubble in which we all collectively participate and dream. However, life is so much more than our everyday issues, and the life we dream in the bubble. Through this amazing book, Ruiz teaches us the ways we programmed ourselves to stay in the dream – the traps of repetitive behavior, how to fight it and how to awaken ourselves to experiencing life to the fullest. It’s an amazing book!

When you become aware that you are falling into a trap, the simple act of noticing it allows you to begin to regain control. As you get better at spotting the traps and understanding your own underlying emotions and beliefs that make them traps for you in the first place, you are far less likely to take the bait. And even when you do, you can let go of whatever you are attached to as quickly as your will dictates. It may seem counterintuitive, but you choose to let go in order to be in control. Doing is the Mastery Of Self in action.

Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz Jr.

6. The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace by Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills

Sometimes, knowledge makes our perspectives change completely, both to how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive the world. This amazing book is truly eye-opening and helps us to live a more free, meaningful, and joyful life. It’s such a wonderful book, that helps you awake from the world with notice and truly tune in to the tune of the Universe. Whichever book by Ruiz you pick, you won’t regret it – even a little bit!

You are alive, and you don’t need to justify your existence. You can be the biggest mystery in your own story.

Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace

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