Astro Profile: Donald Trump

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on April 20 2020

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s impossible to ignore Donald Trump. Since it’s an election year, let’s take a look at the president’s chart and at his transits for 2020 to make his astral portrait and to talk about what might be in store for him. 

Donald Trump’s Birth Chart

Donald Trump was born with a chatty Gemini Sun and a boisterous Sagittarius Moon during a Total Lunar Eclipse. Mercury rules Gemini, so Trump is a mercurial person- he has a way with words, he knows what to say and when to say it, he intuitively works his way to his audience’s hearts (and votes). His Sagittarius Moon adds fuel to the fire. If people born on a Full Moon are more theatrical and emotion-driven than most, those born during a Lunar Eclipse (and a total one, for that matter) really take the podium. 

His Sagittarius Moon describes his “foot-in-mouth” brand of honesty and accounts for the controversial statements that he’s known for, sponsored by Gemini, the sign of duality: he has contradicted himself on several occasions (when talking about Hilary Clinton, for example, or about opposing the Iraq war). He manages to glue it all together via his Leo Ascendant: his persona and his path (the Ascendant) are that of a leader, a man born to shine (Leo). Leo is the sign of drama and celebrity, so Trump’s TV apparitions come as no surprise. At the same time, Leo’s dark side, and one that Trump certainly illustrates, shows an inflated ego and a sense of entitlement that brings difficulties in admitting defeat.

His Sun’s placement in the 10th house, the house of career, authority and public image only strengthens these tendencies and reinforces the idea that he was born to be seen. The 10th house also stands for tradition, established rules and patriarchy, explaining Trump’s conservative attitudes and misogyny (see his Access Hollywood Tape) and winning him a voter base of mostly white male Republicans. At the same time, his Sun’s conjunction with Uranus, the planet that rules change, nonconformity, as well as technology, turns him into a public figure who shocks and turns people’s expectations around, especially through his controversial social media accounts.

Hot-headed Mars and alluring Pluto are in theatrical Leo, in his 12th house (the house of secrets and the subconscious mind), showing how he’s led, often unconsciously, by a desire to assert himself, gaining power and admiration from others. For him, it could be that having power is being admired by others. Mars in the 12th house shows a wounded masculine side that he copes with by trying to one-up and criticize women whenever he can. At the same time, with the 12th house being the house of secrets, and Mars/Pluto representing conflict and war, he is sure to have many hidden enemies. 

In Trump’s chart, feminine Venus is conjunct with strict Saturn in Cancer, the sign of home, safety, country, and tradition. We can see how this explains the president’s conservative tendencies, his adherence to traditional gender roles, his outdated views on women, as well as his nationalist, “us versus them” mentality when it comes to the US and the rest of the world. Cancer is a sign that tries to build walls to protect what is known to them, something that Trump did as well, quite literally. 

With Mercury in Cancer next to Venus and Saturn, this crabby sign an account for Trump’s mood swings, his tendency to take things personally… and his mommy issues. He admitted to comparing women to his mother, whom he admires, and who ironically is a Scottish immigrant. Saturn in Cancer can show issues accepting one’s feminine side and a tendency to accumulate more and more security to compensate for that missing “something”. Astrologer Ray Grasse noticed that Venus-Saturn conjunction is common for the rich, as it favors accumulation (Saturn) of money and goods (Venus). 

Trump’s Sagittarius Moon conjunct the South Node (karma, the past) in the 4th house shows where he comes from- in a past life, he was most probably family-oriented and lived in a traditional type of home, perhaps even as a woman. There are strong lunar echoes all over his chart- the Lunar Eclipse, the 4th house Moon, the 4th house South Node, his Cancer stellium (Cancer is ruled by the Moon). The 4th house also rules real estate, so it’s no surprise that his father was a real estate developer. 

There’s a strong focus on home, safety, tradition, legacy in Trump’s chart, reflected in how his children endorse him, and a soft side that he would have to integrate to be an efficient leader (the North Node, Trump’s purpose, is with his Sun in the 10th house). As a recurring theme, he constantly has to search for a balance between his personal life (the 4th house) and his public life (the 10th house).

Trump’s personality seems to be a mix between a traditionalist (Cancer, the 4th house) and an innovator (Uranus, the 11th house), wrapped in the persona of a controversial leader who, more often than not, expresses the shadow side of the signs that define him. How will this play out for him in the elections?

2020 for Trump

Many astrologers have called 2020 a bad year for Trump. We can see a reason for that in the January Capricorn stellium (The Sun, Mercury, Saturn) opposing his natal Saturn in Cancer. In February, Pluto perfected the same opposition. Natal Saturn in his 11th house of groups speaks about how Trump has been assuming responsibility in his role as a leader. Strong opposition from the Capricorn planets uncovers secrets (Pluto) and holds him accountable (Saturn) for his past actions.

January was the month of Trump’s trial for impeachment. Although he was acquitted, the trial diminished his credibility. His delay in taking necessary measures against COVID-19, ignoring official warnings, could mark an irreparable loss of trust from the population. When he was confronted about the delay to provide testing, Trump said: “I don’t take responsibility at all”. This is just the kind of statement that Saturn, lord of duty, accountability, and karma, does NOT want to hear. 

Jupiter, the planet of lucky twists and abundance, has formed exact conjunction with Trump’s progressed Ascendant in 2015. Since then, the conjunction is becoming more and more distant: his luck is likely to run out, making him confront reality, especially as Jupiter opposes his natal Saturn in March and in July. Like Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde in the summer, tightening the opposition with Trump’s Saturn once again, things aren’t likely to be easy for him.

Uranus squaring the president’s natal Pluto in July and then in September also adds a lot of pressure, creating possible conflict with opponents and tension that screams to be released through a kind of change or transformation in his approach. With Jupiter squaring his natal Jupiter in the fall, his usual exaggeration and overconfidence aren’t likely to be workable strategies, even if Neptune’s trines to Saturn and Venus are likely to keep his popularity levels high.

Finally, in October, the Lunar Nodes reach the exact same position they have in his birth chart: a transit that happens once every 19 years, marking an important karmic milestone in a person’s life. Whatever happens for Trump at the end of 2020, it’s fate, the kind that he’s been building for himself in the past two decades. We only have to see whether this brings re-election or the end of his presidency. 

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