Astro Alert: Saturn And Jupiter Direct In Aquarius

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 11 2021

From the 7th to the 14th, steady Saturn stations in Aquarius, marking a pivotal time for things related to social responsibility and awareness, collaborations and friendships, innovation and progress. Stay mindful of what is starting to move forward in your life in these areas, especially after the 10th, when Saturn goes direct.

This week requires hard work and focus, especially around the 12th, when the First Quarter Moon brings challenges that prompt us to remember our New Moon intentions, but the good part is that we’re finally starting to see progress after a few months of delays and trials! The 15th can be a lucky day, especially when it comes to relationships, groups, collaborations, and innovative projects. What opportunities are coming your way?

From the 16th to the 20th, when expansive Jupiter also stations in the eccentric sign of Aquarius, we’re being called to integrate the lessons we’ve learned about freedom, community, and authenticity since mid-June. Stay mindful of opportunities that might come your way at this time!

We’re being supported to break free from limitations, embrace a positive outlook on life, and have faith that our aspirations are not impossible, especially after the 18th, when Jupiter goes direct. On this same day, Mercury also ends his retrograde motion in Libra, putting an end to tech or transport mishaps and making it easier to reach a middle ground in our relationships.

Saturn And Jupiter Direct In Aquarius:

   October 10 and 18

With Saturn retrograde starting with May 23 and Jupiter going retrograde on June 20, this summer prompted us to slow down and to reconsider and revise our plans for the future before charging forward. Aquarian issues linked to social responsibility, social justice, community, freedom, and innovation have been at the forefront of our consciousness. We’ve been reflecting, trying to decide on an ideal course of action, and perhaps negotiating our need for more independence or our relationships with friends who might or might not be on the same page with us.

Starting from October, it will be easier to find solutions in previously challenging situations linked to groups, friendships, ideals, freedom, and plans for the future. For some of us, this will mean a more balanced connection with our friends and perhaps connecting more with our soul tribe.

For others, it could mean that it will be finally easier to grow our business or our passion project, especially if we’re talking technology, science, social media, spirituality, or any kind of freelancing. It will be easier to set goals and craft a clear vision of what we want to achieve… and circumstances will start aligning in our favor.

This process will have two phases: the first one is between October 7 and 14, when Saturn stations direct. The heavy energy of this karmic planet will influence this week’s atmosphere, bringing a lot of tasks and an increased sense of responsibility. If life seems dull or difficult, trust that this is not a time to back down from a challenge, but to keep your determination and confidence. Now is a time when we might get a clearer sense of what we need to leave behind in order to be able to grow.

Starting from October 10, we could feel like a weight has been taken off our shoulders… and we’re slowly starting to move forward. This is a great moment to ask yourself what have you learned about your priorities, your goals, your organizational and planning skills - in short, your ability to make your vision of an ideal future come true – since the end of May.

Between October 16 and 20, Jupiter’s station will bring a more expansive, carefree type of energy, supporting us to feel that sense of liberation and progress that October promises to be all about. Expect a lot of learning and growth to happen during these days! Serendipitous meetings, synchronicities, meaningful dreams, or other messages from our spirit guides might give us faith and point us in the right direction. 

We might feel an increased need to explore, experiment, reach out, and have fun with our tribe. It will be easier to connect the dots and to have a clearer vision of where we want to go from now on in a way that honors our gifts and our authenticity.

Those with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius in their charts might experience pivotal changes in mid-October, but all of us are supported to find more clarity and a renewed sense of freedom in the life area ruled by Aquarius at this time. 





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