Astro Alert: New Moon In Aries Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 24 2020

On the 23rd, Mars conjunct Pluto brings a great deal of intensity and focus to our energy and to our actions, especially when it comes to work. Many of us could have a single-minded, almost obsessive approach towards what we want to achieve; work hard, but stay mindful of the reasons behind any excessive need to control the circumstances of your life. Bringing more passion into the bedroom can be a great way to channel this powerful energy.

On the 24th, we have a New Moon in Aries, a fresh beginning in our lives when it comes to taking action and assuming risks that push us forward to expand our sense of self. It’s a delicate New Moon that takes place in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith (our dark, rebellious feminine side) and Chiron (our wounds and inner healer), so it’s bound to bring up themes linked to ego and relationship wounds, power and control, insecurity versus confidence.

The New Moon’s squares to the Lunar Nodes and the sextile with Saturn adds to this by making it a karmically loaded moment. What is being born in your life at this time? What karmic patterns are being enacted and cleared out in order for your New Moon intentions to bloom?

New Moon In Aries Meaning

Spring is here- and so is another charged Aries New Moon! This is the beginning of a beginning, a moment when we’re called to start anew, mirroring Mother Nature’s revival and expressing more of our courage, enthusiasm, and initiative in the outer world.

This isn’t an easy New Moon- between the conjunctions with wild Black Moon Lilith and wounded healer Chiron and the squares the North Node and the South Node, it’s a moment when old wounds linked to our ego, our freedom and independence, our passions and our anger can be easily triggered. Perhaps something reminds us of how we haven’t asserted ourselves as we’d have wished in the past, or of how our purest instincts have been suppressed by social conditioning. Perhaps we feel angry at not being able to heal or to progress “fast enough”. 

No matter what this New Moon brings up for you, it’s a big opportunity for processing and healing old emotions, especially frustration and anger. Allow them, look them in the eye with courage, consume them as it suits you- through sex, exercise, pillow-punching- and trust that you are getting closer to the most innocent version of your inner child with each wounded part of you that you dare to embrace. That innocent child loves to play, to explore, to express himself as he wishes, to feel unrestricted joy and enthusiasm, sometimes to rebel against what he deems unfair. How can you bring more of him in your current life?

The New Moon also forms a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, bringing another karmic element into the equation. As relationships with authority figures (and with our inner authority) are healing, we have the opportunity to move forward in a new, improved way, following our path – responsibly, increasingly aware- alongside people who share our ideals and our progressive values. What opportunities are up for grabs at this time? Enjoy this Aries New Moon, trusting your inner spark and lust for life.



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