Astro Alert: Mercury Direct In Libra

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 15 2021

We’re being supported to break free from limitations, embrace a positive outlook on life, and have faith that our aspirations are not impossible, especially after the 18th, when Jupiter goes direct.

On this same day, Mercury also ends his retrograde motion in Libra, putting an end to tech or transport mishaps and making it easier to reach a middle ground in our relationships. 

Mercury Direct In Libra: October 18

How have you been riding the waves of this Mercury retrograde season? Starting from September 27, our relationships have been going through a serious makeover and our negotiation skills have been put to the test... not to mention the usual tech or transport mix-ups that have been urging us to make the best use of the mindfulness techniques we’ve learned until now.

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief on October 18, when Mercury direct offers us the opportunity to overcome the past weeks’ indecisions or misunderstandings.

Journaling can be a great way to integrate what we’ve learned when Mercury was retrograde. Here are some questions to ask yourself in the second part of October:

  • What have I learned about my relationships in the past three weeks?
  • What new priorities have helped me efficiently solve old conflicts?
  • How have I been supported to lean more toward myself if I have the tendency to people-please… or to learn how to compromise better if I tend to be more individualistic?

Even if Mercury is now direct, the effects of the retrograde linger until the start of November, giving us the opportunity to integrate some lessons with more clarity before moving forward. Think about September 22 and October 1 – what conflicts have come to the surface around those dates?

November 2 can reignite a dispute, but it’s easier to reach a compromise this time around. In a similar vein, projects that we’ve been revising at the end of September can gain momentum and reach success at the start of November.





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