3 Crystals for Awakening the Magic Of Love

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 22 2019

Valentines is long gone, and yet, love is still in the air! Amazing, isn’t it? And in the spirit of the very force that moves our entire worlds, we figured we can help you awaken the magical power of love in your lives with the help of crystal healing. Today we have picked the top 5 magical crystals that will help you awaken love in your life! Let’s start:

Rose Quartz – Infinite Love

Rose Quartz is the n1 crystal that you should be picking up if you are planning on awakening love within your life. All over the world, in every part of it, at any age, rose quartz sparks up within history. If you look carefully, you realize that even from ancient times rose quartz had a great significance for humanity, because it was mostly known as the talisman for relationships. And for a good reason. Rose Quartz is the strengthener of relationships, whether they are relationships with your own self, your family or loved ones. Its gentle nourishing energy finds love wherever it may be hiding, sparks it up and lets it flourish into a beautiful symphony of balance.

Malachite – Self-Love

The mesmerizing green patterns of Malachite are simply captivating. From the very first glance, its beauty and power hold your attention, and it immediately gives you a feeling of relaxation and peace. It’s no wonder since Malachite is the stone of self-love and friendship. Especially if you are battling depression or anxiety, the chaotic duo that prevents you from discovering your true purpose in life, Malachite is your best option of defeating them. Those pools of green tranquility help you reflect on yourself, understand yourself, and awaken the self-love that you have always longed for. Malachite simply raises the veil of your false beliefs about yourself bestowed from self-judgment and helps you see yourself as you truly are – magnificent and lovely. Whichever negative pattern you are stuck in, whichever negative emotions stir you up, Malachite will help you break out of them!

Unakite – Self-Worth

Unakite produces such a unique energy signature that simply makes you stop in your steps and realize that you are capable of so much more. If you are stuck in a rut, where you have settled for the comfortable life, never taking risks, never thinking of achieving your dreams that hold your magic – then Unakite is the stone that you need. An eye opener that shows you the path towards the fulfilled life that you always wanted to lead. A stone that shows you your true worth, and through that perspective creates a sense of urgency to fix all the past negative emotions that are holding you back as well as an urgency to take immediate steps to achieve the life you always wanted to lead.

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