The Magic of Turquoise

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 19 2019

Healing Every Aspect Of Yourself

Turquoise is one of the most famous crystals in the crystal world. From ancient times, it was one of the very first crystals to be mined, and one of the crystals considered sacred in almost all ancient civilizations of the world – Egyptians, Native Americans, Persians and Chinese. Turquoise is well known for its healing ability on all aspects of oneself, whether it is aiding in physical healing, emotional wounds or spiritual blocks.

Many practices include wearing Turquoise because it’s also a calming, balancing stone that relieves stress, and in ancient times it was also considered a stone of protection. As such, the Turks believed that they will be protected from any kind of fall if they wore Turquoise as a talisman, and Native Americans often used is as a stone to protect their burial sites.

Turquoise is a blue stone that connects well with the Throat Chakra, but some practitioners also like to use it on their Third Eye Chakra, because they believe that by doing so they can enhance their intuition to find their inner calmness and peace. As a Throat Chakra crystal, turquoise helps in not only speaking your truth, but also discovering it, and in that process discovering yourself.

More about Turquoise

Keywords for Turquoise

Some keywords for Turquoise include calmness, healing, and protection. If you are seeking to find your inner calmness, and remain calm even in the biggest storm then meditating with Turquoise will help you find your path. As a healing stone, Turquoise has a unique ability to prode its healing frequencies and energies into the deepest layers of yourself and heal deep emotional wounds that are keeping you back in life. As a master healer, Turquoise also provides protection, but not by acting as a shield for you, but rather into helping you transform yourself into a shield when needed. It is a stone that will help you build yourself up, and heal and grow in that process.

Origin of Turquoise:

As one of the most famous crystals in the crystal world, Turquoise was one of the very first crystals to be mined. It’s usually found in drier climates, such as the U.S, Mexico, Tibet, and China. However, even though it’s still Turquoise, different mines can produce different, slight variations of Turquoise.

Are There Different Types of Turquoise?

Yes! As we mentioned before, all mines throughout the world produce variations of Turquoise with slight differences. Most of them produce the same energy frequency, however, Tibetan or Chinese Turquoise is more greenish than blue and it produces a slightly different vibe.

How To Tell If Your Turquoise Is Real?

A couple of quick tips to check if your Turquoise is real are:

  • Look for imperfections, natural stones have imperfections even if they are cut.

  • Ask the seller from where they get their Turquoise, usually legit sellers will know the history of their Turquoise and where it’s from right away.

  • Watch out for dye coming off your Turquoise – if it does, it’s probably just dyed Howlite, and not Turquoise. You can test it out by applying some acetone on your crystal to see if any color comes off. If the Turquoise is generic, there won’t be any color coming off it.

Mohs Hardness:

The Mohs Hardness for Turquoise is 5 to 6 making it a fair to good stone. Although you can’t damage your Turquoise by exposing it to light, high temperatures will damage your Turquoise, so watch out on what you expose it to!

How To Cleanse Your Turquoise:

Turquoise can be cleansed in a variety of ways. Smudging with sage, lavender or palo santo is a great way to cleanse your Turquoise. Using a tuning fork will also do the trick. A tap or two will knock off any yucky energy. Leaving your Turquoise under a Full Moon on your windowsill will cleanse it fully and thoroughly. No matter what way you chose to cleanse your amethyst, just be sure to set an intention that your crystal is cleansed with all that does not belong to you.

Chakras Turquoise Connects Best With:

Turquoise is a crystal that connects best with the Throat Chakra, making it perfect for healing all imbalances regarding expressing yourself and healing yourself. Although all chakras are fueled by life energy, the Throat Chakra has a very specific role that affects all other chakras – the ability for expressing the combined energy of all chakras. If you are struggling with self-expression, and you often feel lost, like you can’t really seem to find your true self, then working with Turquoise can help you to heal all imbalances in the Throat Chakra, and allow a free flow of undisturbed energy through it and all other chakras.

Birthstone Month for Turquoise:

Turquoise is the birthstone for people born in the month of December.

Zodiac Sign for Turquoise:

The sign of Sagittarius is connected with Turquoise, so if you were born in late November or December this is one of the best stones for you to use to get in tune with your sun sign.

Affirmations Associated With Turquoise:

Some key affirmations to use with Turquoise are:

  • I am allowing myself to heal.

  • I discover my true self.

  • I am radiating with healing energy.

  • I am enveloped with forgiveness.

  • I am connected with my true path and calling

The Top Ways to Use Turquoise

There are soo many ways to use Turquoise your crystal healing work. The top ways are in, a throat chakra meditation and in a crystal grid.

For Throat Chakra Meditation:

  • Lay down in a comfortable position

  • Take 5 calming breaths, relaxing deeper with each breath

  • Place your Turquoise on your throat.

  • Sit with the Turquoise in place for as long as you feel comfortable, pushing away any thoughts and focusing on your breath. When you are ready, share your gratitude with the universe.

  • Repeat whenever you need healing and self-discovery.

You can use Turquoise for a Crystal Grid to focus on developing your intuition and connection to your higher self. Check out this post on how to create a crystal grid here.

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