The Magic of Clear Quartz

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 06 2020

Manifesting Your Own Damn Magic

Clear Quartz is a well-known crystal for its ability to heighten frequencies and help us manifest our dreams into reality. Many practices use Clear Quartz in meditation to achieve the ultimate balance and harmony, especially when using Clear Quartz Spheres in each hand. Clear Quartz has a unique ability to also dissolve negative vibes which is why it’s perfect for cleansing purposes as well. Although Clear Quartz might seem like a plain crystal, it’s actually a crystal that bring balance to all chakras, and especially the Crown Chakra.

Clear Quartz’s name derives from the European “quarz”. Clear Quartz has a white, clear color that shimmers on the sunlight. It’s an amazing crystal to keep with your crystal sets at all times because it naturally dissolves negative vibes, and heightens frequencies.

More About Clear Quartz

Keywords for Clear Quartz:

Some keywords for Clear Quartz include clarity, balance, cleansing, manifestation and healing.  If you are seeking more clarity in your life, meditating with Clear Quartz is sure to help you dissolve blockages that are keeping you from getting a clearer insight.  Clear Quartz is also known for meditations that focus around healing and cleansing our spirit.

If you feel like your life path has been blocked and you weren’t able to make progress with your goals, or you are feeling a little lost and unmotivated when trying to achieve your goals, then Clear Quartz will help you cleanse and find your path towards manifesting your own reality. Wearing a bit of Clear Quartz can also help you to keep negative vibes away, enhance the positivity and joy frequencies within you and it will also help you to discover the path towards manifesting your magic.

Origin of Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is the most common crystal and is available on all continents.  Most commonly, Clear Quartz is produced in abundance in Brazil. There are large deposits of Clear Quartz everywhere around the world because Clear Quartz is a very durable crystal.

Are There Different Types of Clear Quartz?

Yes!  Clear Quartz has a lot of varieties especially because Quartz is actually a whole family of crystals. There are many types of Quartz – Smoky, Milky, Rose Quartz are just a small part of all the different varieties that you can encounter. However if you are specifically looking for Clear Quartz, keep in mind that Clear Quartz has a white, yet almost see-through constitution. The other types of quartz can be a completely different color, they can have a more solid, non-see-through constitution, so depending on the type of quartz you wish to purchase make sure you do your research!

How To Tell If Your Clear Quartz Is Real?

A couple quick tips to check if your Clear Quartz is real are:

  • Clear Quartz is white, almost see-through. If the quartz you are being offered is another color, then it’s not a Clear Quartz.

  • Color will not be consistent all around, it should vary.

  • Clear Quartz is normally eye-clean.

  • Look for imperfections, natural stones have imperfections

Mohs Hardness:

The Mohs Hardness for Clear Quartz is 7.0 making it a durable stone.  Also, this makes it so you use it for Gem Water.

How To Cleanse Your Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz can be cleansed in a variety of ways.  Smudging with sage, lavender or palo santo is a great way to cleanse your Clear Quartz.  Using a tuning fork will also do the trick.  A tap or two will knock off any yuckie energy. 

Also, since Clear Quartz has Mohs Hardness of 7.0, you can cleanse this stone with salt water as well.  Soak your crystal in bowl of water with sea salt for at least 20 to 30 minutes.  You can leave it in the salt water for as long as you feel comfortable, some people leave it for as many as 3 days. Trust your intuition on the time you spend soaking.  Finally, leaving your Clear Quartz under a Full Moon on your windowsill will cleanse it fully and thoroughly.  No matter what way you chose to cleanse your Clear Quartz, just be sure to set an intention that your crystal be cleansed with all that does not belong to you.

Chakras Clear Quartz Connects Best With:

Clear Quartz is the best crystal to use when trying to connect with the Crown Chakra. Although there are many crystals that connect with the Crown Chakra, the connection Clear Quartz has with it is very special, because of the pure, light energy vibes Clear Quartz radiates with. The Crown Chakra is the path towards spiritual awakening, higher planes of existence and accessing ancient knowledge. Because of the pure, light energy that Clear Quartz produces, the Crown Chakra can be easily balanced, and higher planes of existence can be explored.

Birthstone Month for Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is not a traditional birthstone.

Planet Connected with Clear Quartz:

If you are wishing to connect with the Sun, Clear Quartz is highly connected to this planet.  The Sun rules our emotional nature and our inner balance.  This is a great stone for balancing your emotions and cleansing them from blockages.

Affirmations Associated With Clear Quartz:

Some key affirmations to use with Clear Quartz are:

  • I am manifesting my own magic

  • I am creating my own reality

  • I am healing myself with the divine energy of the Universe

  • I manifest through the power of my visualizations

  • I allowing myself to heal on all spiritual levels

  • I am releasing all that does not belong to me

Best Ways to Use Clear Quartz

There are soo many ways to use Clear Quartz in your crystal healing work.  The top three ways are in gem water, a crown eye meditation and in a crystal grid. 

For Gem Water:

  • Pour a glass of filtered water

  • Rub your palms together rapidly for 5-10 seconds

  • Hold your Clear Quartz in your palm while reciting an affirmation or intention

  • Drop your Clear Quartz in the water, then hold the water in your palms and recite your affirmation or intention again.

  • Let it sit for 30 seconds and then enjoy!

For Crown Chakra Meditation:

  • Lay down in a comfortable position

  • Take 5 calming breaths, relaxing deeper with each breath

  • Place your Clear Quartz on your forehead, right between your eyebrows

  • Sit with the Clear Quartz in place for as long as you feel comfortable, pushing away any thoughts and focusing on your breathe.

  • When you are ready, share your gratitude with the universe.

  • Repeat whenever you need clarity

You can use Clear Quartz for a Crystal Grid to focus on manifesting your dream and enhancing healing.  Check out this post on how to create a crystal grid here.

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