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Primo Pure & Natural Lavender Stick Incense.

  • Incense has been traditionally used for meditation, purification ceremonies, or for simply scenting a room. Primo Lavender Incense is a pure and natural, clean burning and long lasting, low smoke incense. Hand made in India,

  • Primo fragrances are prepared from carefully selected essential oils, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other tree powders, charcoal, and tree gums (resins).

  • Only the finest available materials are used for preparing Primo incense. Each stick is 8-1/2" long. 23-25 sticks per triangular tube package.
    25 gram Big Triangle Tube.

  • Extra special connoisseur quality.
    Clean burning incense.

  • Created using nature's finest essential oils, wood and tree powders.

  • Primo is internationally known for the finest, cleanest burning incense.

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