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Amethyst Orgone Color Resin Quartz Crystal Crown Chakra Pendulum

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Our orgone pendulum is made with metal chips, resin, quartz crystal and amethyst to correspond with the crown chakra.

Orgonite pendulums clear the aura of harmful energies and awakens our inborn psychic senses. This awakening frees the pendulum to give insightful, balanced answers.

Orgone, also known as chi or prana is thought to be the life energy flowing all around and through living matter. By use of certain crystals and metals it is believed that negative energy can be transformed into more positive energy. This is somehow connected to the transforming power of electromagnetic radiation, a process not yet entirely understood.

Amethyst Crystal is associated with Intuitive abilities and can be used to encourage or enhance innate intuitive qualities in the user. It is a highly protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It can be both calming and stimulating to the mind but always in a way that balances. Often used in meditation to bring about deeper states. Also contained in this pendulum are Quartz crystal, Herkimer crystal, copper and resins, all of which work together to dispel negative energies and heighten positive energies.

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